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  1. I only wrap once with heavier threads and non slippery threads. Glide and a few others I wrap two times. If the sensor keeps going off and the thread isn't broken, I adjust the wraps.
  2. It's called Blooming Butterflies. Don't remember where I got it.
  3. Perhaps a silly question, but you are using a ruler base?
  4. I really like how this baby quilt came out.
  5. PamelaG

    Lenni problem.

    Also changing the needle orientation slightly may help.
  6. Something else is going on if you are seeing a lot of lint on the needle area. Glide is a trilobal poly and normally doesn't leave a bunch of lint.
  7. No new client quilts to do. I have several of my own to do and actually have two loaded (smaller so both at once). But I can't seem to get myself going. I look at Magnificent Millie, and just can't seem to start. Husband had major surgery early December and is still healing, I know that's part of it. I need encouragement.
  8. They beep about a lot of things. You will tune it out soon. You can turn off the thread sensor, or check how you threaded it. Some slippery threads need to be wound around it two or three times.
  9. Was the flannel pre washed? If not the weave might be too loose and it will shrink a LOT.
  10. If you recently updated your tablet you will need to reinstall the drivers. That is way too common a problem
  11. A lady called me to do a quilt. The back story was shared. Her friend, a 93 y/o lady told her this was her very last quilt. She wanted to give it to her daughter to remember her by. Her friend offered to get it quilted and finish it so she could. It has lots of oddball fabrics, some squares are appliquéd on. Wonky piecing. But beautiful non the less. Simple giant meander pattern, on my Millie and Quiltpath, 100% cotton batting. Pamela Golliet Sonoran Sky Quilting Tucson, AZ
  12. I’m a subscriber and haven’t heard anything
  13. I have a website but it keeps disappearing. I do use Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is now owned by Facebook, so you can post pictures there and also post on your Facebook page at the same time. Beware of "promote this post" though. That gets very expensive very fast, no matter how good a deal it looks like.
  14. Can you post a picture of what you mean?
  15. If you are in Tucson I could come look at it.
  16. Is she planning to hand quilt or do it on a domestic machine? I do it differently for each.
  17. All I can suggest it to really look closely at your bobbin, there might be a bit of lint or a thread caught in the hook or race.