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  1. There was an updated manual that came with the upgrade. Have you upgraded it yet?
  2. 2017 Millie. Original owner. Doing a rather dense pattern in Quiltpath. Third row I’m hearing a lot of squeaking noises during stitching. I cleaned the machine just before this quilt and oiled the bobbin. Doesn’t seem to be related to the direction the machine is going. What’s going on?
  3. Never mind, figured it out. Had cleaned the machine and lost one of the gold washers under the stitch plate. Replaced it and it works now.
  4. I have a 2017 Millie. My electronic bobbin thread cutter stopped responding. Neither front or back button is working. I do hear a soft sound, but not the usual one. What can I check?
  5. There is a good tutorial on You tube on the APQS channel
  6. Possibly. It’s in great shape and updated.
  7. PamelaG


    I have cats and have it on my contract that I do. Although they rarely or never get on quilts on the machine. I've only had one client see that and take their quilt elsewhere. I'd rather lose a client than cause an allergic crisis. I have allergies, so I understand.
  8. Mostly wearing a mask and client too. Quilts in bags, let sit for a couple of days. Discuss what she wants and stay 6+ ft apart. If a brand new client, I will open the bag and look at the quilts first. Discuss what long arming is and what to expect. takes more time.
  9. I'm using the version 4. Been using Quiltpath for three years. Trying to modify a pattern in pattern cad. Needed to straighten out a simple shape which was crooked. I move the original to the background, and put the straightened one on top. Go to Background, clear, and nothing happened. Waited tried again. Left it overnight and still no response. Quiltpath is frozen. Had to shut the whole thing down. Still need to modify that pattern! Ideas?
  10. Suddenly my 2017 Millie decided to take multiple stitches when I do a single needle up and down. All is clean, I double checked. This is without Quilt Path on too. I've heard to adjust screw 8, and also to adjust other things. But nothing has changed. SO how do I fix this?
  11. There is a small red slide close by, slide it off.
  12. You don't need to import in the new version. Just open the pattern and Quiltpath will convert it if needed.
  13. I agree, try both first. I narrowed my choices down that way, and finally decided against Gammilll as the head was too heavy for me to manipulate easily. I was between Innova and APQS then. APQS won me over for the ease of use, the ease of moving the head, and the warrantee.
  14. Check your thread path on top first. Then check for lint under the bobbin arm.
  15. Are you using the new version or the old version?
  16. The $25 hour is for the making of a tee shirt quilt. The cutting, fusing, arranging and sewing together. Fabric for the back and batting are separate. I charge separately for long arming; 2-10 cents per sq inch. Overall, it's an expensive quilt for the client if she really wants me to do it all. Especially if she want me to bind it. Thats expensive by itself.
  17. I typically charge $20-25 per shirt, but that includes cutting and fusing. I think that $25 hr is fine if she does the cutting and fusing, as long as you tell her what sizes and what type of fusing you prefer.
  18. I'm using Superior MonoPloy invisible thread with a magna glide bobbin. Loose tension, and stitches look fine. 3.5 needle as recommended by Superior. No twisting on the thread path. Net on the spool. Doing custom quilt. First ruler block went fine. Set up a panto for the wide border, and I'm getting thread breakage every few inches. What else can I try? It driving me crazy since the invisible thread is so hard to see to re-thread. 2017 Millie. M bobbin
  19. I'm sure someone would offer. We all love our machines. If you want to travel a bit to Tucson I'd be happy to show you.
  20. I have a 2017 blissed Millie with most of the bells and whistles. I’m trying to figure out what it is worth if I decide to sell it and get a new model. Any ideas?
  21. I had that problem with the cheap batting Joanns sells. If someone brings me that I refuse to use it anymore.
  22. I agree, people DO think that is easy. I got a last minute quilt last year, for a parent's 50th wedding anniversary. All blocks with photos or drawings. She wanted a "quick" "simple" stitch in the ditch. She was shocked when I explained that this was a custom job and how difficult so called simple stitching is. Super king size and she'd budgeted only $100. LOL Wanted me to bind it too. When I gave her the cost, she almost fainted. Finally took it on after she talked to the rest of the family and they helped with the cost, but she decided to bind it herself too. She still had to pay over $600. I got that one done and out! in three days. All ruler and hand guided.
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