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  1. going right to left gives me a thread break about every 4-5 stitches with the tension set this tight. The stitches look alright but that isn't going to work....Before I had the long stitch problem I could usually go right to left without any major issues. Not now.
  2. I was having issues with long, skipped stitches. Angie at APQS walked us through several possible issues. In the end we reset the timing and the long stitch issue is cured. However, now I am having issues getting my tension set back up properly. The bottom was being pulled to tight and then leaving dots underneath. I can get the machine to quilt nice stitches but I can only go from left to the right, no major going backwards in my meandering and a bit slower. With that said, I had to make the bobbin case fairly loose and the top tension is SO TIGHT that I can't believe the thread doesn't keep snapping. I have- 1. checked the thread path, 2. checked how the path pieces all line up, 3. cleaned out the bobbin case (which I'm pretty sure I sprung- I have a spare) 4. just put in a new hook/bobbin assembly when it got timed, 5. tried a new bobbin, 6. tried a different spool if thread, 7. oiled parts- top and underneath. I do have a stitch regulator. I use polyester thread and prewound bobbins. Anyone have any other suggestions? I waited for some new parts and some time was lost with resetting the timing. I could not be so far behind on projects for other people....Crying was my final option and I've done that now. Any hep would be appreciated. Thanks!