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  1. I'm in the beginning stages of going down the longarm rabbit-hole. Well, I've actually been dreaming for years, but I'm a bit closer now. Has anyone out there owned an Innova and an APQS machine? Or worked extensively on both? I know that it will ultimately come down to what feels best for me (like a car), but I'd love to know what people who have used both think. I'm sure there are pros and cons. I liked the APQS best at the AQS show, but it'd be nice to take a class to spend some time and really get to know the machines. I'm in SW Michigan, so the Innova dealer is not far. Does anyone know of a Michigan dealer for APQS? I may drive down to Quilted Joy to take a class sometime, but it will be hard to get the time do that for a while yet. I have a friend with an older APQS that I'm going to try out soon. Random question: Does the stitch regulator still beep on the APQS?