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  1. I'm running a Freddie with IQ, that is only two months old. I'm not sure the pigtails should be groved after only two months but I'll check. Glide thread, dwell is off. I stitched out two rows just fine before this started. I'm stitching at 1.9, stitch length is set at around 12, stitch reg is off. Thread does not shred it just breaks. I keep looking for a point where the thread is snagging but cannot find one. I can try slowing it down even more and I'll try the video. Thanks.
  2. Running A Freddie with IQ and the thread keeps breaking. I can't run more than 3-5" before it breaks. I've read thru all the previous posts and tried the following: Checked hook for burs, (none found), no burs on needle plate, blown out hook area, cleaned and oiled hook, checked bobbin case for burs, changed bobbins, twice, changed thread, twice, rethreaded machine multiple times, went twice around thread break detector, bypassed thread detector all together. After all that the top thread still breaks, though about half the time the machine stops, but the thread is not broken. I di
  3. Anyone know if APQS has support on the weekends? I'm having a problem with thread breaks all of a sudden. Have done all the normal stuff, multiple times, rethread, new needle, new bobbin, checked for burrs, cleaned everything, etc., etc. At my wits end. I left a message for support on their answering machine, just wanted to know if they answer calls on the weekend.
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