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    Liz W. reacted to fullfrontalquilts in Right-to-left shredding/looping   
    I had been having that problem as well, and it is truly exasperating.
    I found turning the needle to 5:30 or even 5:00 (6:30 made it worse) is giving me perfect stitches every time. I was snagging, looping, breaking, and swearing like a sailor. And this machine is replacing another one, so I have deadlines and clients who can't wait for me to figure it out, or to pick out bad stitches and do it over.
    Another quilter told me that turning the needle is "cheating" and "not an actual solution", but if you could see my before and after pics, you wouldn't think so.
    Someone with a different brand of machine told me to just go from left to right, break the thread and go back to the left side again. 
    So, unless someone has a better solution than "that's cheating" or "work around the problem by only doing straight lines, starting from the left only", I'll embrace my late afternoon needle solution and rock with it.
    Good luck
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    Liz W. reacted to RunningThreads in Rollers won't stay tight on Lenni   
    Now that you know how to adjust the brake get some blue loctite loosen the bolt apply one or two drops of loctite on the threads and tighten back up.  You brake will not come loose again.
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    Liz W. got a reaction from dbams in Rollers won't stay tight on Lenni   
    So I wanted to give an update ... I contacted APQS, and they told me to use a 3/16" allen wrench to tighten the screw behind the pressure brake. It worked! Now I can have it pretty much as tight as I want. I think the screw loosens over time, so I just have to re-tighten periodically.