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  1. I am looking for the scoop foot for my 2014 Lucey. No I’m not selling my machine. I just need the scoop foot if anyone has one they would like to sell
  2. I spoke to you on the phone. I live in Bullhead. What year is the table?
  3. Thank you but I am really concerned about the shipping and no warranty so I have decided to buy a new one
  4. Congratulations on winning the Millie on June 1
  5. Yes but hers is listed as pick up only, no shipping
  6. Look at the 2015 Lenni listed by quilt girl. APQS is a great machine. She is willing to ship I just needed a different set up. She has it listed for a great price
  7. I'm sorry but I spoke to the apqs dealer and they told me had to be a 26 inch throat to fit on the deluxe table. Thank you for your contact
  8. Does this have the laser light and rear handlebars for doing pantographs
  9. I am located in Bullhead City Az so easy drive for me
  10. How much are you asking for your lucey? What year and does it come with or without table?
  11. I would love this, I am just worried my crippled hands won't be able to turn the bars and this machine can't fit on a deluxe table with the fabric advance. That is my only concern
  12. Is this sold? Do you know what shipping cost is to Arizona