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  1. Do you have pictures available to share?
  2. Jessica, How are you doing since the storm the swept through TX, were you effected by the rain. I do hope you are OK.
  3. Bunny57

    2004 Millenium with 12' bed for sale

    Is this machine still available and does the machine have a stitch regulator and a light pointer on the back for pantagrams? what size bobbins does this machine take and how long has it been since the wheels have been replaced. You've had this machine for over 10 years, about how many quilts have you completed on this machine. Bunny
  4. Jessica, How long is the table, is there a stitch regulator on this machine, what size bobbin does it take and how long has it been since the wheels were replaced? Bunny57
  5. Have you thought about advertising on Face Book in the Quilting Classifieds, cross posting gets your adds seen by many more sets of eyes, pictures are always helpful, sometimes we need to see what is being offered.
  6. What is the length of the arm and table? Bunny
  7. Where in TX are you, is the machine still available, I am in Portland, OR Bunny Richards
  8. Bunny57

    APQS Ultimate II for Sale

    where are located> Bunny
  9. Where is the machine located and can you post some pix of said machine?