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  1. Many thanks for this wonderful advice. I certainly do need to practice, practice, practice and I'm quite happy to do that. I would love to update rails to Bliss system but that is a tad expensive to import to Australia and then find someone to install it. Ahh...one day!
  2. This is the current quilt I'm working on. It's frustrating me that I can't get the shapes I want from this machine in stitch regulator mode. It makes sense that it would have something to do with the wheels as some of the movements vary from being quite heavy and stiff to very easy in other directions giving a very wobbly result overall. Frustrating!
  3. Wheels are black. I have cleaned rails and wheels between every quilt (newbie overload) but this has made little difference.
  4. I have recently purchased a second hand 2008 Millie called Maizie. When stitching out pantographs all curved lines appear squarish or boxy. The machine feels heavier in Stitch Regulator mode than it does in Manuel mode and almost drives itself off the path I'm trying to steer it to follow the laser. Any suggestions? I am a long way from dealers or repair men so I will have to perform any suggestions you may make.