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  1. Thank you Zeke. I don't get to many shows, but the you tube videos have helped a lot. I did finally get my measurements right to finish the row, so I'm happy.
  2. Thanks so much Thread Waggle. I have enjoyed reading your posts! You have been so helpful.. Never thought about using the ruler.
  3. Thank you Trundle. I finally found the right measurements and picked up where i left off. Learned my lesson by not saving the design!
  4. I have the Bernina version of Quilt Path that I bought from my dealer with no support, as they sold me the floor model which I didn't know until I picked it up. Yes, no longer will use that dealer. It is exactly the same software as quilt path and I have learned SO much from the quilt path videos! I hope someone can help me here. I am working on my first quilt and I made my first big mistake - I didn't save the pattern and had an unplanned break. My son accidently hit the on/off button on my machine, so I lost the exact design and measurements. I am doing a complete pantograph and it was
  5. I am working on my first quilt with Quilt Path and learned my first valuable lesseon - SAVE THE PATTERN. I didn't and my son accidently hit the on off button to my machine. I was doing an across the quilt pantograph and have not been able to duplicate the measurements very closely. Is there a way in any mode (advanced) to pick up where the last stitch was, rather than marking the top, middle, etc of the square? I have tried tracing and nudging but so far no luck. I am now debating removing the entire row of stitching but would like advice first. Any help is appreciated!!
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