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  1. I own a 2012 Millennium, third hand. Second owner used the machine very little if much at all. Most of my initial adjustments were carriage bolt adjustments and a small burr on a rail. The 'S' catch disappeared. I've been troubleshooting a racing stitch regulator for the last several months. I downloaded the Millennium manual from this site. It differs slightly from the manual I received with the machine. My racing 'stitch regulator' happened when my power cord drifted between the carriage rails resting on the encoder cable. Tonight we corrected the insulated cord clamp loca
  2. My 2011 Millennium has a bobbin winder mounted on the left side of the machine itself. A very exciting feature. The manual that came with the machine does not cover threading it. Does anyone know how the thread should run from the spool to the bobbin mechanism? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Hello; I am interested in your Tiara II and live in Central Wisconsin. 54410 zip code that should help you calculate the shipping. I'm new to the forum. Please let me know how we need to communicate. Thank you! Cindy