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    Katydids got a reaction from dbams in APQS Larry   
    Sharpshooter, yes the Larry comes with rear handles and a laser light, so it is set up for pantograph quilting.  Honestly, the L bobbin is extremely easy to use, that is all I have on my machines for the past 14 yrs.  I stayed with L when the M option came out.  our machines are very easy to get tension set.  It is just a matter of knowing which to adjust, needle tension or bobbin tension, based on what is happening with your thread.
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    Katydids got a reaction from cecoldwell in The New Bliss Drive System is Heaven!   
    The table in this picture is the old c style rails.  This would be the $3000 upgrade to Bliss.
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    Katydids got a reaction from LindaSteller in IntelliQuilter Training in Texas   
    I have just listed a new 2 day IQ workshop on my website. I will be traveling to teach in West Central TX at Donna Thomas' Studio in San Angelo. Workshop will be Jan. 11th & 12th. There is room for 10 students. You can find all the information on my website. http://www.katydids.net/classes.html
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    Katydids got a reaction from quilterkp in Best APQS machine for both IQ and hand guided quilting?   
    I would recommend you try the Lucey.  She is the same size as Millie, only lighter in weight.  She moves like a dream for free motion quilting.  Since you plan to get the IQ, you will have channel locks within the IQ system, so no real need to go up to Millie for those.  I would highly recommend trying Lucey and I would upgrade to the Deluxe table ( Millies table) and get the fabric advance.
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