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  1. Hi. Yes, this machine is sold.. I can't figure out how to delete this posting, I sent a note in to the moderators weeks ago.. I'll try and edit the subject line. Thank you for your interest and good luck in your search.
  2. Hi Everyone... lowered the price a bit to $7,500.... please take a look. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi everyone. Selling my Lenni, I bought it new in Oct. 2015. $7,750. Has had home use only. 12 ft table; has the bliss system; the L smart bobbin. Also including any extras that I have, thread, bobbin thread, lots of quilt magazines; an extra pantograph board; some pantographs. Feel free to ask any questions. Located in Berryville, Virginia, zip 22611. Buyer must pick up, no shipping. Certified bank check only. Please ask any questions. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi... are you still looking for a machine? I'm getting ready to post my Lenni... I'm in Virginia.. please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Hi.. you can always use your home sewing machine to load the bobbin. Hopefully that's working fine and you'll be stitching in no time!! Good Luck!
  6. Hi all.. just bumping my machine! Fairfax is in Northern Virginia so it is very convenient travel from a lot of places.. plus, with this bargain price, you can even stay overnight in a hotel and make an adventure of the trip! My machine is just waiting for a new home! Please let me know of any questions. Thanks so much for looking!!
  7. Hi Rita... and Madelyn... Thanks... yes, it is a FANTASTIC deal... I don't know why it hasn't been snatched up yet either... I'm selling because we moved to a much smaller house and I just don't have the space anymore. This is a GREAT gift for someone to give to themselves.... finish your own quilts so you can say that you made the entire thing..... better than saying 'I made the quilt top and sent it out for quilting'... just a thought... The table is metal/steel and then it has the pantograph holder thing that runs the length of it. Anyone interested, please let me know of an
  8. Selling my 2011 Lenni Long Arm. Includes the 12-foot table, Bliss Drive system and other extras... Horizontal spool holder, Hartley base extender, 13 pantographs, needles, bobbins, fuses, thread, longarm books. Also comes with stand alone bobbin winder, reference materials and the CD. Please let me know of any questions. $8,000 for everything. You pick up, no shipping. Cash or certified bank check only. Please email wilmaloo@Hotmail.com with any questions. Convenient pick-up location for anyone in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, even
  9. Hi all.. Thanks for sharing all the tips and tricks... but.... what is the exact website for the Metro thread? I read through the postings and there's alot of talk about the 'metro website' but I can't find the actual name. Thank you!!
  10. Hi... I have ALOT of embroidery thread... has anyone used embroidery thread on their longarm? I have a Lenni.. If so, what needle and any other settings did you adjust? I guess I would just use regular polyester bobbin.. Thanks for any advice p.s. I see I put this in the wrong section (for sale section) but I don't know how to move it.
  11. Thanks Becky... I went through my stuff and found the DVD.... all is well for now.. or so I hope.. Thanks everyone!
  12. Thank you so much Joanne!! I think I was struggling because I added the batting AFTER loading the top. So next one I'll go in this order: Backing-Batting-Top and see how I do... My first one (I call it my practice quilt), I loaded it Back-Top-Batting. Thanks again!!
  13. Hi... I've searched everywhere and cannot locate a video to load the entire project. I recently purchased a 2011 Lenni. I rec'd the manual, I think I have the quilt (found a video from Manquilter in Canada to load the back) back and top loaded correctly, but the batting seems odd to me... I think it's odd that I have to really work to squeeze the batting between the two rollers so I would like to see the video just to check what I have done. Thank you so much if anyone can point me to a video. Also I would like to see some complete pics/videos of the entire machine and table if anyone can
  14. Hi. Is this machine still available, are you willing to negotiate on the price? I live in Virginia so shipping would not be necessary. Please contact me at wilmaloo@hotmail.com Thank you!