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  1. tweid04

    APQS George For Sale - $2595

    Yes, still for sale as of today.
  2. tweid04

    APQS George For Sale - $2595

    I added new pictures for you, just scroll over as they are large. My email is Thank You!
  3. Can anyone tell me what these serial numbers mean as far as age? APQS George - B01508 - 1/5/08? APQS Millenium - 02763 Thank You!
  4. Voyager 17 on 10 Foot Wooden Frame with stitch regulator. Excellent condition, professionally serviced. $1995. Located in Lancaster, PA
  5. tweid04

    APQS George For Sale - $2595

    Hi, what is your zip code? I will be posting pictures later today. We can probably ship FedEx freight for a fee.
  6. APQS George For Sale - $2595. We think it is a 2007 model. Located in Lancaster, PA. Professionally serviced. Includes manual and bobbins and everything pictured. We can ship this for a fee.
  7. Yes, we have reduced the price to $9995. I believe the serial number is 02763. Does this look right?
  8. 2007 Gammill Classic Plus Longarm with 12 Foot Frame. Includes a lot of accessories, gam guide, leader cloths, needles, bobbins, ect. Set up and ready for you to test out. Professionally Serviced, Excellent Working Condition. $6495, located in Lancaster, PA
  9. Baby Lock Tiara Sitdown Machine, very nice condition, includes the stitch regulator and has the extra large table. $3495, located in Lancaster, PA.
  10. Pfaff Power Quilter P3 Long Arm Quilting Machine on a 14 Foot Frame with Butler Robotics Automation Software. This machine is only 1 year old and is in excellent working condition, professionally serviced. $10995, we do accept trade in's. Located in Lancaster, PA.
  11. APQS Millennium Long Arm Quilting Machine with 12 Foot Frame. Excellent condition, professionally serviced and ready for you to come test out. We are a shop and do accept trade-in's. $9995. Located in Lancaster, PA.
  12. Pfaff Powerquilter P3 with Quilt Artist 2 Automation Software. Asking $10,995. Machine has been serviced and it works great.
  13. tweid04

    HQ Sweet Sixteen

    Yes, still avaliable
  14. For Sale - HQ Sweet Sixteen Sitdown Machine, only 1 year old. Set up and ready for you to test it out. Located in Lancaster, PA. We will also be getting a Pfaff PowerQuilter P3 with Robotics. Contact for more pictures. We are asking $3995....stitch count less than 200,000 and it includes the table overlay. Thank You!
  15. We have several of these 820’s, $2295, free shipping. They have been professionally serviced and are in excellent working condition.