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  1. Hi, this one sold but we have others https://longarmmachines.com/longarm-machines-for-sale
  2. Hi, this one sold but we now have one with ProStitcher automation for $12,995.
  3. Nice HQ Fusion 24 for sale. Loads of accessories! $9,495 I have more pictures
  4. We are selling a Block RockiT with Quilt Motion 5 Automation, 10 foot frame. This machine was serviced and is in excellent working condition. We are willing to ship for a fee. $8,995 for everything. Video of machine in action
  5. Innova 18" Longarm Quilting Machine with Stitch Regulator + 12ft Frame. Not sure the age but it’s a very nice system. See pictures! $5995 picked up or we can freight ship for a fee.
  6. For sale is a Baby Lock Regalia with 10 foot frame, only used 3 months. Customer purchased this machine but then decided they wanted a Bernina. This is a like new system, stitch count is only 90,000! We have the original machine box and can freight ship everything for a fee but you may also pick it up for free. 2,500 stitches per minute, built in stitch regulator, bobbin winder, ect. Price - $11,995
  7. Hi, we have another Innova but without the lightning stitch for $5,995 https://longarmmachines.com/longarm-machines-for-sale
  8. APQS Lenni with IntelliQuilter Automation Software - 12ft Frame/Table - 2017 Model. We are willing to ship this. $16,995. Thanks!
  9. Innova 18" Longarm Quilting Machine with Lightning Stitch Regulator + 10ft Frame. This is an amazing system and a great deal. We are located in Lancaster, PA. See pictures. $7,995
  10. PFAFF PowerQuilter 16.0 Sit Down Longarm Quilting Machine. We have one with a stitch regulator, one without. Location - Lancaster, PA $2995 with Stitch Regulator $2495 without. Shipping is an option depending where you live. We can freight ship these machines.
  11. Hi, this one sold but we have a nice A-1 Elite with hydraulics and many upgrades for the same price.
  12. For Sale: Gammill Vision 2.0 30-12 with 12 Foot Frame. $12,995. This machine has a 30 inch throat, gam guide, laser light, upgraded breeze track, ruler base, rear handles, and various accessories. Machine has been professionally serviced and is in excellent working condition. Freight shipping available for an extra fee. Otherwise, you may come test it out and we will help load it into your truck or van. My email is tweid04@gmail.com. Thank You!
  13. 2018 Baby Lock Crown Jewel III with Quilt Motion Automation and Upgraded Top of the Line 10 foot Momentum Frame. This machine was purchased in late 2018 and the computer automation package (Quilt Motion Creative Touch 4.0) was never used. The Momentum Frame allows you extra room as the take-up rail can move back and forth with the machine. Everything is set up and ready to test out and we can even freight ship the whole system for an extra fee if you are not local. Stitch count is less than 600,000. Asking $12,995.
  14. Hi, as of today it is. We are in Lancaster, PA and shipping is an option if need be.
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