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  1. I am so Sorry I don't check my E-mail on the weekends. I am interested in selling my Lenni, but I will tell you a new Lenni from APQS is for sale only $500 more than my machine and easier shipping. So I did shoot myself in the foot. APQS has 2000.00 off the machine. Joyce
  2. yes shipping is an option. yes shipping is an option
  3. yes this is a Bliss Frame with manual feed.
  4. Lenni less than 1 year. Assembled, but has not been used. I have not loaded a quilt. 10 foot table, manual feed. Comes with Hartley Fence, thread, rulers and bobbins. More information if you are interested. $9000.00. Free delivery within 300 miles. Located Blacksburg VA area.
  5. thank you all for your wonderful information.
  6. does the standard table shake and shimmy while you run the machine. I have had a Milli in the past on a deluxe table but want a smaller machine this time.
  7. Considering a new machine I need some information and experience on standard table compared to a deluxe table