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  1. Joyce Cox

    Lenni with Bliss for sale

    Yes this is still available.
  2. Lenni less than 1 year. Assembled, but has not been used. I have not loaded a quilt. 10 foot table, manual feed. Comes with Hartley Fence, thread, rulers and bobbins. More information if you are interested. $9000.00. Free delivery within 300 miles. Located Blacksburg VA area.
  3. Joyce Cox


    thank you all for your wonderful information.
  4. Joyce Cox


    does the standard table shake and shimmy while you run the machine. I have had a Milli in the past on a deluxe table but want a smaller machine this time.
  5. Joyce Cox


    Considering a new machine I need some information and experience on standard table compared to a deluxe table