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  1. Is this still available? My email is dcsunshine728@gmail.com
  2. Email me if this is still available. dcsunshine728@gmail.com. Thank you.
  3. Is this still available? Email me if so. dcsunshine728@gmail.com
  4. Can you email me pictures and the sizes. All that are 9” and smaller. dcsunshine728@gmail.com thank you
  5. Do you have pictures? Please email me with them. Very interested! dcsunshine728@gmail.com
  6. Is this still available? If it is please hold and will be there Saturday. Thank you Dawn
  7. What is the stitch count and has it been serviced since you owned it?
  8. I will split the shipping cost. Pm for details on finalizing this. Please consider it sold
  9. I'm in PA. Can you email me and we can discuss dcsunshine728@gmail.com. I'm very interested!
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