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  1. I'm so glad to hear it's all set up! Yes. Quilter's Dream Batting is what works great in that machine. There may be other brands people may recommend, but I found that works best. Most quilt shops carry it, or you can find it online. (eBay...ha!). Also, here is my email address so you can email there with any questions too! cavesidemanor@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. t This machine has SOLD!!! A blessing for both of us. Thank you!!!!
  3. Hi! I'm mostly home all weekend and usually have my phone near me, so just call anytime! 812-972-4667. Thanks! Elizabeth
  4. I am selling my 2005 APQS Millie. My career has taken a new path and I don't have the free time I would like to play with her. She is lonely and needs to find a loving home. I purchased her from the original owner in Pennsylvania. (My husband drove a flatbed trailer 12 hours from our home to bring this sweet girl home to us!). She was fully serviced in 2011 and wasn't used much after that, as her owner sadly passed away. I purchased her in 2014 and have taken excellent care of her. She is cleaned after each use and oiled appropriately. She will be sent home to her new family with LOTS of extras (See below). Asking $9000 or best offer. Purchaser is responsible for take-down (we will help and explain how to set it all back up), arrangement for transportation/local pick-up. I live approximately 45 minutes west of Louisville, KY in Southern Indiana. Contact me within this post or my cell-phone at 812-972-4667. Thank you!! Millie comes with: * Auto Quilt Advance with foot control * 12' Deluxe Table * Hartley Base Expander * Hartley Fence * Micro Drive * Leader Grips * Laser pointer for use with Pantos * LOTS of Pantos * 3 half used boxes of magnetic bobbins * Needles * Lots of thread * LOTS of quilting books * Several (a huge stack!) of Stencils and powder to use with stencils * Lots of Rulers * Rolling saddle seat stool * and probably more that I'm forgetting! These are the only pics I currently have. Will take more and post soon, or text me for other pictures.