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  1. Finally finished quilting a quilt without too many hiccups!! No eyelashes! Just a few thread breaks.
  2. Problem resolved. I ordered a new bobbin case from APQS as mine did not have a spring; my husband set the timing one rainy day after we watched numerous YouTube videos - the APQS one was great. Now just adjusting the tension to get it right. Thank you all so much for all the advice.
  3. I live in Penelope, TX in Hill County about 30 minutes from Waco, TX
  4. I purchased it used, it had been sitting for up to 5 years, but not really sure. The gentleman who purchased the house said the couple was deceased. There was a quilt on the frame, the stitches looked good and I didn't see any other signs of poor stitching. I talked to an experienced longarm quilter who told me I could have bent the needle also. It came with a box of industrial needles.
  5. I have a 1993 Ultimate 1, just getting familiar with it. I started quilting, the stitching was good, then I broke a needle when i started forward. Checked bobbin placement, needle placement, etc. Now I have broken 4-5 needles, when I took the bobbin out, it has nicks on it where the needle is hitting it. I am using industrial sewing needles that were given to me by the previous owner. What do I do? Any ideas would be helpful.
  6. I spent the last 3 days disassembling the table, moving the machine/table and setting it up in my "new" quilting room. My guest room will soon not look like a fabric store. Thanks to my hubby and a couple of friends we were able to get it done in a day. My husband loved leveling the table - one of the things he really likes. He also made sure he set it up just like it was a its former home. The frame has upper hardware with electrical plugs, extension cord, and rail system for the cord to travel on. I followed Cagey's instructions (Thank you very much) oiled the machine, got to know how it
  7. Thank you for the thorough advice. I can hardly wait to get started
  8. I just purchased my first longarm - Ultimate I - which has set dormant for ? years. Still has the last quilt on the frame, stitches look good on this quilt.. Frame is 12? feet, black metal. Label date on machine is 09/93. Unfortunately I could not run it d/t no electricity in shop where it was stored. Its been dormant since 2013 at least. My question is do I have it serviced or oil it and see how it works.
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