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  1. jeanetteparkerdesign

    batting costs

    Betsy Could it be that the retail cost on the smaller battings is difficult to find except for in the packaged battings? Most of the roll battings are so big that a straight across comparison is hard to come by. That might be what Madelyn is talking about. Good information for sure for me though as I get things all figured out.
  2. jeanetteparkerdesign

    batting costs

    Thanks to all of you who offered information! I think going with the square inch method will be the one I use so I can keep the extra batting. I appreciate the information on supporting the LQS and selling batting at the retail price. Neher-in-law5, you bring up a couple of good points in that the smaller quilts ended up being more expensive on the batting than the larger. I'll need to take a look at that. Also, I appreciate your insight on piecing; someone had asked me about doing a complete quilt top for her, and I didn't know how or what to charge on that. I'm glad you pointed out that it is hard to track the hours. Thanks again to all of you for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  3. jeanetteparkerdesign

    batting costs

    Thank you Neher-in-law5 So basically you have a formula for square inches instead of yards? Then you only charge for the length plus width plus 4 inches? Can I ask how you figured that formula? I'd rather keep the extra to use on charity quilts.
  4. jeanetteparkerdesign

    batting costs

    Hello. I'm new to the site and longarm quilting. I'm wondering how you all charge for batting on an 80/20 roll of 96", when the quilt is smaller than 96"? Are you just charging per yard regardless of the extra that isn't used?