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  1. Hello Connie, Thank you for your reply. Actually I was considering exactly what you recommended. In the month of december I will begin looking for bloggers/youtubers/crafters who might want to test our products. Please let me know where I can contact the volunteer longarm quilters you mentioned! I will definitely reach out to them and see if they are interested. You can contact me personally at alexsong000s@gmail.com =) Happy Holidays!
  2. Greetings QuilterKP, Actually no, we have not tested our thread on delicate cotton fabrics but we believe it would not damage them. That is just my personal prediction, I am not certain. Currently our threads are mostly used in large industrial scale applications. I will ask for a detailed review of how our threads work on delicate fabrics and knits soon.
  3. Jim, upon your previous recommendations I have created a new product that will begin simulation on Amazon , shortly. If it does well I will see if I can begin a marketing and sales campaign. I chose 600m/656yard cones. The Denier is 420 or Tex 45 thread. It's also 3 Ply and internally bonded. I believe the thickness and weight of this thread will make the colors pop up more in regards to quilting and crafting. I will initially only roll out a few simple and basic colors, my idea was white, black , brown , blue and red. What do you think a kind and reasonable price for this kind of pr
  4. Thank you Jim, I have taken your suggestion into serious consideration and will be running a test simulation with the colors you mentioned. How much yardage/meter would you consider ideal in these cones? Selling directly to clients is a completely new venture in the +20 years of our business , so I do mean it when I say I have appreciated your input very much. On the topic of our thread use, it may be Tex 15 but since our thread is internally bonded it is quite strong. It is practically unbreakable by bare hands and will most likely result in cuts or injury if even attempted. The material
  5. Hello Neher, This thread is 65wt/3 Ply, or 135 Denier/3 , TEX-15. It has been internally bonded so it won't unply and thus will also not create any chafe or fray like our competitor's products. The color fast-ness of the product is also something I'm extremely proud of. You can use it to repair your patio furniture/tent/canvas etc and rest assured that the shade or quality of the color will never fade.
  6. Hello , Thank you for your replies. Yes Jim, you are correct that thread on cones is the most comfortable and convenient way. All the product we sell to our b2b clients are all on large 1000m~4000m cones. Our thread's strength is unparred and if you happen to have leather seating in your vehicle you might be using it right now! Our biggest multi-national clients all provide upholstery and sewing for GM , Hyundai, Kia and several other auto-brands. The product I'm showcasing here is my own creation, I wanted to offer it directly to b2c clients, so I chose these 200m/218Y spools
  7. Greetings everybody, I hope I’m not being rude or intrusive but I’m trying to introduce my product to as many new people as possible. It is a product I personally designed from our family run business. It is a 3 ply, S twisted , extra heavy duty thread. Our thread is internally bonded so it won’t create any chafe on your sewing machines. It will also not come undone. The thread is so strong it is practically unbreakable with your bare hands, you will need a pair of extra sharp scissors to get through it. Our patented manufacturing process also results in a thread that is ultra-