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  1. I am totally interested in this machine if it is still available! Will put this on notifications and can pick up.
  2. Hi, I’m from Dearborn Heights. Is there a place where I can try one of these machines out? I cannot afford new, I am really not sure how big of a throat I should get or how large of a frame. I finally measured rooms, and the only room any of these will fit is 16 x 16 but I have two cabinets which put it at 16x9 and I think I would have to remeasure to make sure as we just rearranged.
  3. I live in Michigan. I have a brother in law that does deliveries, so he should be able to pick up for me, it would depend on his rounds and what he can get in the area.
  4. I’m interested in this, but I am not sure how this differs from a new Millie. I just started looking. I am putting this here in order to be notified of replies and changes in price. Thank you. I am also interested in the Studio cutting system. I am about to get the Go Big, and remembered this listing. I would have to coordinate with a driver for transportation, as he delivers to and from as a business. What is the width and length needed for the sewing assembly, including what I would need as a person to negotiate. I am in the process of selling furniture and clearing out a room so that I can start a quilting business.
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