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  1. I just setup a new to me 2004 Millennium. The former owner advised thee were no issues when the machine was taken down. Note, the former owner moved Millie from one city to another, then stored her New dry garage for 6 months, until I purchased her. (Boxed up for 6 months). Upon my purchase, I transported her very cautiously, 936 miles to my home. She was stored at my home 3 weeks while I made room for her. Upon completing the setup this morning, I powered the unit on, and saw two red lights on the left side, in positions 3 and 4, which indicates Needle Positioner Lockout and Ne
  2. Where are you located?

    What Year is your Millie?

    1. DonnaL


      My Millie is  2008.   I"m reducing the price to 7500.00.  I'm located in Indiana.  The only reason I'm selling it is because of health and we are downsizing. 

  3. M&M wheels? Quilt Glide? Hartley Base Expander? Pantos? Auto Needle Positioning? Up/Down just asking, Thanks!
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