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  1. The batting holder is made from 2" PVC pipe available at a home improvement store, i.e. Lowes. The top pipe that holds the role is the length of role plus enough extra to go into the elbows and give you some space on each end of the role. The upright pipes are the diameter of the role, plus the amount that goes into the fittings and some space to clear the floor (about 4"). This goes into the elbows on each end and then you add a "T" fitting on the end of each upright. The legs are cut to the width you desire (1/2 the diameter of the role, plus the amount needed for fittings.) They are capped.
  2. I loved quilting on it when I was able. I had/have some physical problems that were aggravated when I quilted, but I loved the process. The Quilt Path was fun to watch it stitch out the pattern.
  3. SOLD I am leaving this post out here for others who are selling their machines to know what it went for. We did deliver and set-up the machine for her at that price. I purchased my Millenium in 2007. It has been gently used due to health issues. I added the Quilt Path in 2015 which made quilting much easier. Just load the top and let the computer do most of the work. Uses a Windows Surface Pro tablet to "drive the machine". This system will do KING size quilts. It has the Power Advance; with the touch of a foot the quilt will advance or reverse. There is an overhead bar to possi
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