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  1. Hi Kathy,


    You did a wonderful job, both piecing and quilting.  I also did free hand free motion quilting and ruler work combined on my quilts, so I leave my "ruler base" on my machine all the time , however someone once told me not to do so, do you use ruler base while using ruler? if you do, do you leave it on until you completed your quilting?  Thanks for your help.


  2. Hello Ladies,


    I would like to update some news for you - I purchased a Freddie machine! Yes, I did.  I purchased it in Feb. during my visit to APQS' Road Show, received the beginner's lesson in late March and now I have completed two quilts.  I like it, really happy that I no longer need to baste my quilts.  I have the L bobbin, sometimes I am thinking it might be a mistake, should have the M bobbin so I don't need to change bobbins too often, but it is not a big deal.  Do you guys have L or M bobbin? If you have L bobbin, are you happy with it?


    Cheers and y'all have a great day.

  3. Hello,

    I just got a Freedom in Feb. this year and started to quilt with it in March.  My very first quilt was a 9 patches quilt, so I used some rulers to finish the work.  My 2nd quilt though, I do the free hand free motion quilting, lots of swirls and some feathers, I didn't purchase the computer system and I can't get used to pantographs.  While I do my quilting, I find the quilt kind of bouncing a lot, I did have my quilt rolled it pretty tight.  Does it happen to you also?  Is this normal?  Your help is greatly appreciated.




  4. Thank you for all of your responses, I took a longarm quilting lesson a year ago on a Baby Lock machine and got me thinking of a sitdown machine; after using a sitdown machine for 1 year I started to seriously thinking about owning a longarm machine.  The main reason is, like some of you, just not enjoying basting process, especially a big quilt meanwhile move quilt while quilting is a physical demanding job. I have a few bed size or bigger quilt tops been done for years, finally sent 2 of them to a local quilt shop to get the job done so I can use them.  We don't have any APQS dealer nearby; the quilt shops don't use APQS machines so I am excited about going to APQS road show to try it out in early Feb.  Thanks again for all of your input and information, really appreciated.

  5. Hello,

    I have been making quilts about 5 years or less, I enjoying quilting my own quilts.  I have a Baby Lock Tiara II sit down quilting machine for 1 year, before that I quilt on my home machine.  Now I'm thinking maybe own a longarm machine but do I really need it since I don't own a quilting business?  Is it worth to invest one?  I'm interested in APQS Lenny or Lucey model.  Do you use your longarm machine for business or personal use?  Thank you in advance for sharing your stories.