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  1. Sorry, this has been sold. Guess I forgot about this site. I will let people know that it's sold. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. I think the Tiara is perfect for detailed work. I guess it depends on what you really do. Quilting large quilts (queen and larger), it would be a bit more daunting on it. If you're in a space crunch, it's great as well. I chose both of them and used it for awhile. I have a Dream machine in a Koala case that I can make it as a flatbed, if you know what I mean. I do most detailed work on that. I do mostly my own quilts so I use the long arm for that. I would be happy to have your husband come and look at it if he wanted to do that. Let me know. thanks
  3. Will your husband be in this area soon? I had wanted to sell it before too long. I will be asking our membership at our quilt guild if they were interested in it as well. Didn't know if you were that serious about buying it.
  4. Yes, I bought the two of them (Tiara and Crown Jewel) both together, thinking I would use them both. I did for awhile, but I have a nice domestic machine in a Koala case that can make it a flatbed machine if I need to do some free motion quilting on smaller projects.. I bought both of them from Moore's Sewing Center in Tustin, CA in May 2013. Are you in this area?? Or perhaps not far from me? I guess I forgot to say that it has no stitch regulator but it can be put on if you find a dealer to order it for you. I've done lots of free motion before so I didn't want the stitch regulator on this on
  5. I found my original sales ticket that says 5/10/13. Do you want me to tell you how many stitches it has?
  6. Yes, yes and yes. If interested, I will take a photo of it, the table it's on and the stitch count. It's in the central valley of California. 30 miles from the south gate of Yosemite.
  7. I have a Babylock Tiara that I would like to sell. $2000, OBO. A large table comes with it. The main table is 30" deep by 36" wide. The drop leafs that are made for the table that come with are 18" wide. When fully extended, it is 36" by 72" wide. Great for a beginner to free motion or someone who wants to do thread painting. The table is adjustable for height. Wonderful for someone with limited space in their home. Excellent condition. Low use due to the long arm I usually use. I'm in the central valley of California. If interested, I will send a photo of the stitch count. Please call if inte
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