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  1. Horseface

    leaders not straight

    Thanks everyone for the input so far.
  2. Horseface

    leaders not straight

    if I was to unroll the leaders would I be unrolling them all the way out ?
  3. Horseface

    leaders not straight

    I checked the eye bolts and counted the threads and there is a difference of two threads between the ends of the front backing roller and a difference of one thread between the ends of the take up roller. Would that difference have an impact on the leaders?
  4. I recently bought a new Freedom and stitched a casing for leader grips on the take up and backing leaders. When I load a quilt I have noticed that I get a bit of sag at one side and that the leader grips are not aligned straight with the take up roller. Starting at the left side its straight and then gradually I can see that it drifts away to the point where its a half to three quarters of an inch away from the take up roller. So I think its safe to say that the leader is out of square because the casing is stitched straight all the way along. I'm new to long arm quilting and I "assumed" that the leaders would be square since everything is brand new. My question is, is it standard practice to check for squareness of leaders on a new system? If so, I do wish I had known this in the beginning. I guess I'm going to be taking the casing out and squaring up the leaders. Any input would be welcome for this newbie.
  5. Horseface

    Hartley Fence

    Thanks everyone for your help and comments.
  6. I'm new to long arm quilting and I'm wondering about the Hartley Fence. Can this be attached to a standard APQS table?