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  1. Does anyone know if you can still order a Rulermate extended base from lovetoquilt.com ?
  2. Is there another ruler base product out there besides the Hartley that can be used on a 2018 APQS Freedie? I'm finding that when I do ruler work I'm getting hung up on something sometimes. I'm not applying too much pressure and the seams arent overly bulky. Its frustrating because I basically have to give up on the ruler work and free hand it.
  3. Hello there I'm talking about the bobbin tension spring
  4. when using glide magna bobbins, since the magnet creates tension, should the tension spring be loosened?
  5. Does anyone use glide 40 wt thread with a 3.5 needle?
  6. Thanks Libby. I’ll have to try the poly.
  7. Thank you for your insight. I recently picked up some Hobbs cotton/wool blend to try. The plan is to use it in one of my quilt tops that I’d like to custom quilt. I have yet to use double batting in a quilt and it’s definitely something I want to do.
  8. Thank you Linda. Yes, it seems that way, always getting pokeys with 80/20. So you would suggest using wool and double batts. When you use double batts, exactly what are you using? Also, if a customer doesnt want to use wool, what would you suggest?
  9. Thanks Jim. The backing in two of the quilts was dark and quality quilting cotton. The batting and backing was supplied by the customer (80/20). In hindsight they could have used black batting as their quilt tops were dark also. The thing is, this bearding/pokeys is also showing up on guild charity quilts that I have been doing. I realize that the quality of the materials the guild supplies isn't always the best, but I still get bearding here and there. They usually supply 80/20. I just finished one with a flannel backing (dark brown) and white batting. As you can guess there are pokeys here and there in the backing. I dont know what the batting is in that one. Its very slubby (little balls/pills) on both sides so it wasnt easy to discern which side was up or down.
  10. I'm at a loss as to why I'm having bearding on quilt backs. I believe I have the batting between the top and back sandwiched properly (pimples down dimples up) 80/20 batting. I'm using glide 40 in the top and a glide 60 magna bobbin in the bottom. New needle with each quilt, size 4.0. I'm new to long arm quilting (March 18) and I own an APQS Freddie. Also, When I first got my machine I practiced with Warm and natural cotton batting (dirty side up) sandwiched between quilting cotton using glide 40 in the top and I believe superiors prewound bobbins (cardboard sides) that come in the sampler that comes with a new machine. Size 4.0 needle. There was not one speck of bearding. It's my understanding that 80/20 is the go to batting for most quilts. Does anyone out there have some wisdom they would like to share? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. if I was to unroll the leaders would I be unrolling them all the way out ?
  12. I checked the eye bolts and counted the threads and there is a difference of two threads between the ends of the front backing roller and a difference of one thread between the ends of the take up roller. Would that difference have an impact on the leaders?
  13. I recently bought a new Freedom and stitched a casing for leader grips on the take up and backing leaders. When I load a quilt I have noticed that I get a bit of sag at one side and that the leader grips are not aligned straight with the take up roller. Starting at the left side its straight and then gradually I can see that it drifts away to the point where its a half to three quarters of an inch away from the take up roller. So I think its safe to say that the leader is out of square because the casing is stitched straight all the way along. I'm new to long arm quilting and I "assumed" that the leaders would be square since everything is brand new. My question is, is it standard practice to check for squareness of leaders on a new system? If so, I do wish I had known this in the beginning. I guess I'm going to be taking the casing out and squaring up the leaders. Any input would be welcome for this newbie.
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