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  1. Thank you I wound it last night and it did fine so still don' know what it is doing but thank you
  2. Yep now on to the next finished that quilt loaded another and now I have good stitches then I have longer stitches? Haven't figured that one out tension maybe maybe bobbin I have a turbo bobbin winder apps it has an arm with 3 holes and then the wheel tension and then where you put the spool on does anyone know if you weave in and out or wrap around each hole all I see online is turbo with one hole?
  3. Figured it out you have to wrap the thread around the wheel three time not just once yippee!!
  4. I think so it is the way that the arrow goes.iam so new I hate that iam having trouble already any other ideas?
  5. Everytime I start stitching it beeps thread break but no thread is broke,it keeps beeping I have check thread, rethreaded,redone bobbin I am brand new I have just started my first practice quilt,I don't want to break anything any suggestions what this could be also stitch looks fine ?