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  1. Never thought about the aquadoodles. Thanks!
  2. Thank you all so much! Had a private class with Karen McTavish and she really helped me get over my lack of confidence with feathers. It's so funny, every time one would get a little fat I could here her telling me to wip it up. LOL
  3. Woo Hoo! Delivered it today and she loved it! Thank you for being a sounding board and helping my brain freeze! Glide thread: used red, navy, and a cream on top and cream in the bobbin throughout. Quilter's Dream cotton. All freehand. No rulers. I had almost no pokies! Happy Dance!
  4. So I loaded a warm up sandwich and played with my tension. My tension has always been good, but I set it so the bottom was a little looser. I have just the teeniest pokies and I am thinking after the quilt has rested they will probably be almost invisible. I did call my client this morning and talked to her. She was so sweet. Thankfully she understands the mechanics of quilting. I explained to her that even though my tension is just right, with the high contrast of navy and red with the cream that tiny pokies are almost inevitable. She said she wasn't worried about pokies at all and tha
  5. I'm loading up a little sandwich to try the blue on top n cream on bottom. I've done it before, but not such a drastic contrast. I guess I just have to quit being so nervous and give it a try. I will let you know. I love the ideas so far. REALLY helping. Keep 'em coming.
  6. Yup, the blue has me. I had thought about feathers in the blue, I do the bump bump feathers, and blue thread would show the back tracking on the back too much, IMHO. And then SID the cream logs maybe. Should I just use light thread to match the back? I will be using Glide poly. I have about 30 colors on hand to choose from. I also have some GLide Essence, but haven't had a chance to try it on my machine yet. Excuse my ignorance, but what does "twist CC in star" mean?
  7. Hello, I am an APQS wannabe owner. I look at the forum a lot and love reading about everyone. I have been quilting for a couple years and just started officially quilting for hire January 1 this year. But I have this quilt that a local shop wants me to do to use for a sample at shows and in their shop. I want to finish it perfectly because they are going to use my name and help me get more clients. They want something traditional and not an all over pattern. I want to keep it simple because I don't want to take away from the quilt. I want to stitch in the ditch the friendship sta
  8. Why would you not post the asking price in public? But I will send you a message through the forum to be safe. Thank you.
  9. I als learned how to do the bump bump from Karen McTavish, took a private class in December. I tried the regular and they look really bad, then I get frustrated and go back to the bump bump. I also have done the hook method, but the bump bump is my favorite now.
  10. I use both, but on my queen Storm at Sea that is on our bed, hubby wanted wool. Boy oh Boy! It is perfect. He is always hot and I am always cold, now we are both just right.
  11. Well, I am leaving for Florida tomorrow, but I am interested. I live south of Macomb Illinois and have a truck.
  12. Thank you for the info on scribbling. I am going to have to find a quilt to try this on.
  13. I also like the "scribbling" Is it like micro stippling but not worrying about crossing line?