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    knlsmith reacted to Thread Art Studio in 2006 Millennium - Moving Must Sell-SOLD!!!!   
    Hello All-
    Sorry for the repost but I couldn't figure out how to edit my original post. I am located in northern Illinois, about 50 miles north of Chicago, and need to sell my 2006 Millie with 12 foot table. After owning this machine for almost 6 years I have finally accepted the fact that I enjoy piecing so much more than long arming and do not want to give up the space in my new house to devote to Millie.  She has brand new Edge Rider wheels and has been meticulously maintained despite her minimal use. 
    Machine Features
    Auto needle positioner
    Auto stitch regulator
    Double thread capacity
    Multi position handles
    Hopping foot
    Built in laser light
    Lower thread cutter
    Horizontal and vertical channel locks
    26" X 10.5 throat space 12 Foot Table
    Built in bobbin winder   Asking -   $9750   I would be happy to send pictures or answer any questions you may have.
    Thank you!!!
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    knlsmith reacted to ffq-lar in Looking for quilting ideas on this one...?   
    Whenever I can't figure out how to quilt behind mixed piecing like this--where there isn't a way to gracefully work a running design through the black background--there are a couple of ways to go. You can quilt a filler with matching thread on all that black, maybe dropping a design in larger areas like that inside square. Like your plan to stitch a matching mariners compass opposite the pieced one. 
    Another option is to quilt the piecing. I'd extend and quilt your interior overall design right over the first black border to end at the seam of the smaller pieced triangles. That will unite the interior and you won't need to place a design in that black corner at all. Then CC the black around the small pieced triangle border and mark the rest of that narrow black strip with identical triangles and extend your CC's to turn around the corner. That's a visually awkward space as it is now and quilting the continuous CC's will balance the design and frame the corners. Stitch the CC's in that border before you start your interior overall so you know how close to quilt the overall.
    You can stitch a running design in the next narrower black border using the seams as an enclosure. CC around the black of the second pieced border. You can get away with leaving the smaller triangles without quilting and will be able to tell right away if you can leave the larger triangles unquilted as well. The colored triangles in both borders will pop if you leave them unquilted. The final large black border can be stitched with the same overall as the interior using black thread. Or I think piano keys would be a great choice to frame this one.
    This one is a poser and not quilter-friendly. 
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    knlsmith reacted to jbnt9999 in Looking for quilting ideas on this one...?   
    Wow ,I feel like I just had a class. What great ideas linda. Vicki can't wait until you post the picture.
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    knlsmith reacted to oireachtas in Liberty Log Cabin Ideas Help   
    Lucky you. How I would love a private class with Karen. She is awesome.
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    knlsmith got a reaction from meg in Liberty Log Cabin Ideas Help   
    Woo Hoo!  Delivered it today and she loved it!  Thank you for being a sounding board and helping my brain freeze!  Glide thread: used red, navy, and a cream on top and cream in the bobbin throughout.  Quilter's Dream cotton.  All freehand. No rulers.  I had almost no pokies!  Happy Dance!
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    knlsmith got a reaction from gardenslug in Liberty Log Cabin Ideas Help   
    Hello, I am an APQS wannabe owner.   I look at the forum  a lot and love reading about everyone.  I have been quilting for a couple years and just started officially quilting for hire January 1 this year.   But I have this quilt that a local shop wants me to do to use for a sample at shows and in their shop.  I want to finish it perfectly because they are going to use my name and help me get more clients.  They want something traditional and not an all over pattern.  I want to keep it simple because I don't want to take away from the quilt. 
    I want to stitch in the ditch the friendship stars and then I am stuck.  My think my problem is that the backing is the same light cream/tan that is in the top with very little pattern.  I am not worried about the borders because they will be decided by what I do in the rest of the quilt.   
    I sure would appreciate some help from the experience talent here.  I can pretty much quilt anything, just need direction.  This quilt is very important because they called me and asked me to do this for them.  It is a great opportunity for getting my work out there.  And that will get me closer to getting an APQS machine.
    Oh almost forgot, I will be using QD cotton batting.

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    knlsmith reacted to Fern527 in FOR SALE 2003 Millennium   
    I have a 2003 Millennium for sale, low usage since for personal use. Selling to make room for new Millennium. Recently professionally serviced and said to be in excellent condition. Asking price: $8500.
    Stitch regulator
    Motor driven advance for take-up roller
    Bobbin thread cutter
    Electronic horizontal and vertical channel locks
    Built-in bobbin winder
    Auto needle positioner
    Batting bar
    M&M wheels recently added
    This is a wonderful machine. Free delivery within 50 mile radius of our location in Houston, TX. Shipping costs to other parts of country to be paid by buyer.
    My phone number is 832-474-4287.
    Fern Hubbard
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    knlsmith reacted to Sharond in 2002 Millennium For Sale-- SOLD   
    I just cleared a bunch of old messages out, so there should be room for your e-mail.
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    knlsmith got a reaction from Anne from Guam in Wool batting or cotton?   
    I use both, but on my queen Storm at Sea that is on our bed, hubby wanted wool.  Boy oh Boy!  It is perfect.  He is always hot and I am always cold, now we are both just right.
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    knlsmith reacted to knlsmith in sold 2000 Millennium 14' table Grayslake,IL   
    Well, I am leaving for Florida tomorrow, but I am interested.  I live south of Macomb Illinois and have a truck.