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  1. Hello - I am the excited owner of “new to me” micro drive handles. Because they are used, I do not have the installation instructions. I will be using them with a Hartley base on my 2002 Millineum. Anyone have installation instruction to help me out? Also any advice on use of them is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Sure- do you want me to pay you with PayPal? Or mail a check? Just let me know what shipping will be- my address: Gina Ohden 15650 130 th ST SW Raymond,MN 56282
  3. Would you sell them? Care to pm me?
  4. Anyone not using their microdrive handles and care to sell them? Thanks!
  5. I have upgraded to a Bliss table and have the original glass table to sell very reasonably! You just make me an offer! We can discuss shipping or pick up- I live in central Minnesota.
  6. Newbie here with her first used 2002 Millineum! It does not have the bobbin winder included. I am interested in your suggestions for the "L" bobbin. Would be delighted to purchase an electric winder if someone has one in good working order. Thanks for your advice!