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  1. Hello - I am the excited owner of “new to me” micro drive handles. Because they are used, I do not have the installation instructions. I will be using them with a Hartley base on my 2002 Millineum. Anyone have installation instruction to help me out? Also any advice on use of them is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Sure- do you want me to pay you with PayPal? Or mail a check? Just let me know what shipping will be- my address: Gina Ohden 15650 130 th ST SW Raymond,MN 56282
  3. Would you sell them? Care to pm me? ginaohden3@gmail.com.
  4. Anyone not using their microdrive handles and care to sell them? Thanks!
  5. I have upgraded to a Bliss table and have the original glass table to sell very reasonably! You just make me an offer! We can discuss shipping or pick up- I live in central Minnesota.
  6. Newbie here with her first used 2002 Millineum! It does not have the bobbin winder included. I am interested in your suggestions for the "L" bobbin. Would be delighted to purchase an electric winder if someone has one in good working order. Thanks for your advice!
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