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  1. I have been MIA for a couple of months, not just on this forum, but in my quilting room, my DH has been diagnosed with throat cancer and we have a new normal in our lives, that has taken me out of my quilting circles. However, a couple of days ago, I loaded up my Freedom and decided to try out my newest CL Boards. This pattern flows and is fairly simple and open. The quilting using the Birdie boards on a larger than lap size quilt took about an hour and a half. Easy Peasy. But stepping it up, I decided to color my birds, leaving the quilt on the frame and using fabric markers. Two - Three blue birdies per day, per chemo/radiation treatment. By the time my sweet husband is done with his treatment (7 weeks), this quilt will be ready to "fly" off the frame. Thank you, Michael, for giving this caregiver, some inspiration and therapy to keep quilting every morning for the next 7 weeks! Barbara Birdie 2 by bjlral2000, on Flickr Birdie 1 by bjlral2000, on Flickr
  2. Hi, My name is Pat. I live in Portland Maine. I am thinking about selling my APQS Discovery with table, supplies, patterns, batting, thread, and Circle Lord. I would like $6,500 for everything. I ran a business so this machine would be good for start up or just your own quilting. I maybe moving to Florida and can't take it with me. What I have in the CL is around $3,000 alone. I paid $6,500 for just the machine head without table. The Discovery is similar to the Lenni but no Stitch regulator 20" throat. It has all the other gizmos like needle up down, one stitch, Lazer, and is very light weight (37 lbs?). Being so light is great for free motion. It also has a hopping foot. Not having a stitch reg has a little longer learning curve. Many quilters turn them off and on once they are good at the type of quilting they like. I run all kinds of different threads no problem and tension is great. I have a 12' table. It is the older style wooden table but it has more usable quilting space than Liberty or Lenni. I have patterns that I have used up to 16". Depending on where you live I maybe able to help with set up and give you a lesson. I would rather have it picked up. If I have to ship it would be at your cost. I have machine box but table would need to be packed. Let me know what you think. Email me at: lilacquilter @ yahoo .com (no spaces) Pat
  3. I'm new to the APQS forum, but I've been reading as much as I can whenever I can find a minute. I'm so grateful to have found all of you quilters who are willing to share your wisdom. There is a particular subject, however, that I'm finding is leaving me more confused than I already was. I'm getting ready to order my brand new Freedom, and I'm trying to decide which bells and whistles I should get. Some (not many, to be honest) say get the Hartley Fence. Then there's the Quiltazoid, or Circle Lord. What about pantographs? Here's another big question: If I get the Quilt Path System, would I even need any of these other systems? Any help/advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Do any of you use the Circle Lord or Quiltazoid without the stitch regulator on? I have a friend with an Ultimate 1 and no stitch regulator who has the money to buy either a CL or QZ, if it works with her machine. Didn't I hear a while back that you can buy stitch regulators for the Ult 1? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thank you to everyone who bought something. I am taking the rest of it down for now. Mom is too ill for me to even think about continuing at this time with trying to do this. If you have purchased something from me and not yet heard from me about shipping cost by Monday. email me please. Debbie Fowler micajah52@gmail.com
  6. Since recently purchasing the IntellQuilter, I am selling my Circle Lord (for APQS Lenni), accessories, & templates. Sale: 12/22/2012 - Until Sold. I have the APQS Lenni. Shipping from Wisconsin. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Payment thru paypal. Please message on U2U or email me (Please put message topic as APQS interested buyer) at pjohnson1@new.rr.com Items included for purchase: (include original pricing, not the final purchase price save almost $500.) Basic Unit - ($399 original price) Aztec (original price $99) Sprial ($79 original price) FanClam Template Queen 132" ($549 Original price) Rope - 3 section 105" ($349 original price) I do not have the instructional CD, just original instructional books come with this package. The total for this entire package $999. I have tried to reflect accurate original prices. Thank you for looking & you consideration. Mary Please contact me if pictures are required.
  7. I am selling my remaining Circle Lord templates plus my R&S ones. due to my purchase of IQ Let me know if you would like me to send you a photo of any of the items. Prices are noted by each item. In addition, buyer will be responsible for shipping. I am located in a Minneapolis suburb. (If someone in the area wishes to purchase we could meet somewhere and avoid the shipping expense). Contact Information: Kari Schell; e-mail kkschell@comcast.net The following are currently available: Giant Templates: King Clamshell (3 boards) ($310) King ZigZag (3 boards) ($325) Templates for Basic Unit: Ovals $50 Diamondz $45 Mini Clamshells $90 R&S Design Items: 320 - Double Square In Out (5 boards) ($120) 265 S Rope (4 boards ($90) 317 – Cube (1 board) $20 306 Stacked Hearts (1) $20 311 Stacked Stars (1) $20
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