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  1. Selling APQS 2016 Millenium quilting machine. Works great/pristine condition. Purchased end of May. Must sell due to unplanned expenses. Will sell for $15,500. Will take down and help load; purchaser must pick up and deliver. Located in Austin, TX. Features: 26.5" X 10.5" throat 12' table M bobbin Quilt Glide Power Fabric Advance Auto Needle Positioner Thread cutter Single stitch button Laser light Electronic Horizontal & Vertical Channel locks Includes: Sample cones of Glide and So Fine Magna Glide bobbin samples as well as Superior SuperBobs 14 cones of Poly-Oncore/P
  2. From a 12 foot table. Essentially like new. Still wrapped from the move. White color. This came with an essentially unused Millie. I cannot use it because of the location of my machine. A great buy if you need better lighting! Located in Waco, Tx (home of Fixer Upper:) Central Texas. The screws were lost in the move, but available at Lowes or Home Depot - (2)5/16" and ( 5)1/2". Retails for $795.
  3. I have tried using Magna Glide Bobbins and just can't get it right (the tension). I tried today with Glide on the top. Bobbin thread kept showing on the top. I adjusted and adjusted and it continued. How do you put them in the bobbin? What kind of tension works? Do you leave the spring in the bobbin case? Any tips would be appreciated. Nancy E.
  4. 2001 Millennium – 14’ table – many extras – $8500. Previously used in a successful longarm business. Sale necessitated by death in the family. Comes with everything you may need to start your longarm quilting journey. Power Fabric Advance (valued at $1,350) Circle Lord and dozens of templates (valued at over $1,200) Hartley Fence (valued at $600) Hartley Microdrive handles (valued at $200) Variety of batting packages (valued at $200) Batting rack Dozens of spools of Signature thread Dozens of paper pantographs Miscellaneous straight pins, pin holders and other notions We
  5. SOLD. SORRY. I have a chance to upgrade to a machine with a computer system, which I want to do, but I need to sell my current Millie first. 2009 APQS Millennium on a 12' BLISS table. Quilt regulation. Channel Locks. Automatic Fabric Advance. Hydraulic LIFT. Overhead light bar system. Thread Cutter. Laser Stylus. Turbo Bobbin Winder. It is everything you could want except a computer guided system! Used for less than 50 lap type size quilts and a few queen/king quilts. NOT used in a store as a demo or rental or daily constant professional use. Just completely checked over. He says she is g
  6. Hi I am helping my father in law sell his 2000 millie. This machine was my mother in laws and she recently passed away from cancer. I am pretty sure it is a 14ft. The machine was purchased new in 2000 and they paid 17,000. The machine is in excellent condition. We are guessing only 30 quilts were made. We have all of the paper work that came with it. The machine was well taken care of and was serviced.I really dont know alot more about the machine, I am helping because my father in law has a trake an is very hard to understand when talking on phone. Price is $7000 or b/o. Please feel free to g
  7. Yesterday I drove three and a half hours from Chicago to Dubuque to attend a road show and check out the APQS machines. What a great experience that was! They answered questions I hadn't even thought of asking! We had a great time--just me and about 8 women--and got to play on all five of the APQS machines. I went pretty sure I was not going to buy because my local quilt shop had made me a great offer on one of the long arms they carry. After about 5 minutes playing on one machine, I was sure I was NOT buying the machine from my LQS, and had to have an APQS. By the time I quit playing, I
  8. Posting for a friend: For Sale: 2004 Millennium on a 12-foot table ( a peach of a machine!) Located in northern Ohio Will deliver for FREE within 200 miles of Cleveland 12 - foot table Fabric Advance Lots and lots of goodies and extras included: Microdrive Handles Hartley Base Expander Kit Hartley Spool Holder Hartley Fence for straight lines and circles (INCLUDING Hartley Stencils (animals, ovals, hearts, butterflies) Lots of templates from Gadget Girls Manuals to assemble and use machine Original box and manual for maintenance Asking $8,500 for the entire package--a great de
  9. This Machine is now sold. The Long and Short of It (no pun intended) I got this millennium in 2005 and opened my business shortly afterward. This machine has served me well for 9 years. I’ve met some great quilters and great quilt teachers. I’d like to say I’ve quilted many beautiful quilts on it, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. (See my gallery at www.heartsdelightquilting.com) I’ve loved the creative and technical challenge of custom quilting on a hand-guided machine. But after 9 years, I was feeling like I was on the flat part of the learning curve, and also feeling like
  10. Hello, ladies and gents! This is my first 'share post', and I'm a little nervous, but very excited about the dramatic improvement my Millie is over my old system! I humbly submit a couple of quilts I just took off my new Millie. I have only had her since late November, and I am reeling in the new freedom to play with free motion modern designs and to try new things with each project. (I load a larger backing and batting than the main quilt requires, and then practice free motion design ideas on little table mats and smaller projects in the side margin) These are not intricately pieced
  11. SOLD! Purchased new in 2005 and lovingly cared for by in-home quilter, this 2005 APQS Millennium is looking for a new home. It is in excellent condition and the Bliss Track System was added in February when it was factory serviced. Features include Stitch Regulator, Channel Locks, Bobbin Thread Cutter, Automatic Quilt Advance, Hydraulic Lift, and All Metal 12’ Table with zippers. You will love the great stitch, quiet running, and ease of quilting. Priced to sell fast at $8955.00. Purchaser responsible for pickup, transportation, and set up. Delivery is available within a 300 mile radius o
  12. Must sell: 2008 Millennium / 2009 IQ (full version) - $18,500.00 / sold & going to Florida Just serviced last week. 10 ft table Bliss Hydraulic Lift Fabric Advance Thread cutter is included but was detached when IQ installed Bobbin Winder Lots of extras: misc. thread, pattern grid, towa gauge, micro-handles, 2 sets of zippers, lots and lots of needles, bobbins, box of parts (hook assembly, finger hook, 2 check springs) Manual & CD Also have a box of goodies valued at about $1800 new: rulers, stencils, threads, pre-wound bobbins, etc. Will sell for $900 or reasonable
  13. I need help please??? I was quilting a quilt on my 2006 Millie this morning and it was stitching along like she always does. Then I advanced my quilt and went to start my stitch regulator and the beeping started up but when I pressed the button on the right handle it wouldn't stitch. Does anyone know what I should do? Thanks Marti
  14. I am asking for peoples opinions on whether it would be better to buy a used Millie(older) or Lenni(used but newer). Second, If I bought a used Lenni should I get wooden or steel frame? Thanks for your input.
  15. The APQS Roadshow team is travelling across Canada bringing our machines to a city near you. Nominate your Canadian City for a roadshow by emailing matt@apqs.com. To register for one of the following roadshows, visit sparrowstudioz.com/APQS/roadshow.php March 7, 2014 (10am-1pm) Road Show - Grande Prairie, AB Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Grande Prairie-Conference Ctr 9816 107 St, Grande Prairie, AB March 10, 2014 (12pm-3pm) or (6pm-9pm) Road Show - Ft. McMurray, AB Quality Hotel & Conference Centre 424 Gregoire Drive, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada March
  16. I've been having weird tension issues. My tension is fine for 20-40 stitches and then will give me a 4-8 stitch patch where it is a bit loose on the top and tight on the bottom. I have tried loosening the bobbin, tightening the bobbin, loosening the top, tightening the top. I've rethreaded the machine, checked for lint/thread build up in bobbin area, changed the needle, changed the bobbin, changed the bobbin case, have the batting above the cone, turned the cone upside down and I cannot find an answer! I am using CAN-SEW polyester thread and Dream cotton batting. 4 hours yesterday and I am
  17. HELP! HELP! HELP! I am patiently waiting for a new home for Gammill and she is still for sale.......................this is taking much longer than I had originally thought...........I really do not want another business venture as the one I currently own (teaching piano lessons to pay for my hobbies) takes more time so that I have less quilting time...........urrgggggg. 2 Longarms sitting in my studio is crimping my style and with DH on furlough I am fixing to teach him how to use it cuz I have 3 quilts waiting to be done for some military wives out of Ft. Levenworth KS that I do
  18. Long story short...OK...not that short. My wife has been quilting using a Bernina quilt frame with a PFAFF QE 4.0 for a number of years. After a lot of research she decided to purchase a used (2003 I believe) APQS Millenium that appears to be in fantastic condition. Due to a number of unique circumstances she was not able to test the machine before she purchased it and the person that she purchased it from didn't know anything about quilting. We have the quilt frame home and set up in her studio and she can't figure out how to get it to work correctly. She doesn't have the manual for it a
  19. I think I have done a total of 4 quilts on my new Millie. For some reason when I was doing a quilt yesterday, the side tensioning clamps kept catching on the left side of the Millie and messing up my border stitching. I do not remember having this issue on the other 3 quilts that I did. I tried putting a ruler on the poles to raise up the clamps, but that didn't work, it still got caught. It seems for some reason the clamps are sinking lower than on the previous quilts. Does someone have a suggestion on this. It was really irritating Thinking out loud here.....could it be
  20. Brake, Brake.......secretly loosens............ I have followed the directions for the brake and now this is really beginning to get on my nerves. I am use to the ratchets on my Gammill which ensures that the poles will not move, not budge, stays where I put them........ So I am sure because of how my Gammill poles operate that I am probably a lot less patient with the brake on my Millie. So here is what is happening: The directions say, don't over tighten the brake, you should be able to slightly move the pole with out releasing the brake. Okay, I followed those directions, the
  21. As you can see from the photos I have 2........yep......2 longarms sitting in my sewing studio... Grrrrrrrrrrrreat! That is if you are in business.............. Looking to sell my Gammill........so step up to the plate if you are thinking of your next move to a longarm.....you can realize your dream! I can feel the pinch........ Contact BobbieSue Layersandthreads@me.com
  22. STILL AVAILABLE! 2004 Millenium Longarm Quilting Machine for sale with a 12' table. It has been very well taken care of and I am only asking for $8,500!! It has a 26" throat space. It also comes with many extras! Power fabric advance with foot pedal, Stitch regulator, On board bobbin winder, Ruler Base expander with opening for thread cutter, Needle up/needle down, Horizontal/Vertical Channel locks, M&M wheels, Laser Light, Zippered Leaders, Extra Bobbin cases, An assembly manual and a maintenance manual and the original box that the head came in, with the packing. It is
  23. I am selling my beloved 2008 Millie with Bliss. This machine is in excellent condition. The only reason for selling is to upgrade to the new version since I am a Rep, I need to be showing the latest product. I received her in late 2008. 11' Bliss Table Fabric Advance Thread cutter channel locks LED Lighting, both black light and white light. Machine is set up with the IQ. I would be willing to sell it as a package with the IQ or alone. I have all the shipping boxes so it can be shipped if necessary or will deliver and set up within a reasonable distance. Asking $13,500.00
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