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  1. I am downsizing patterns and templates I no longer use. Some are paper by various quilters, ie Karyn Emmerson and others, some books, ie Sherrie Rogers-Harrison, some templates from Longarm University. Priced to sell. All or partial. Grace at needles2nails@msn.com
  2. I have 20 pantos that are gently used for sale. These were money makers when starting my business and I would like to sell them in one batch. Asking $5.00 each: total $100.00. I will pay shipping. Great for beginners to build your inventory. NAME DESIGNER SIZE ALLEGRO LORIEN QUILTING 6” ROW JUDY'S ROSES JUDY ALLEN 6” ROW TRELLIS VINE LISA THIESSEN 2 ROWS 10.5 “ POPCORN – SMALL JODI BEMISH 6” ROW FLIGHT OF FANC
  3. 20 Paper Pantographs for Sale - whole lot for $160. Buyer pays Shipping. PayPal please. Curly Weave by Karen Thompson Willow Leaf Studio 11” Tiki Triangle Beany Girl Quits, Willow Leaf Studio 11” Woven Wind by Apricot Moon, Quilts Complete, 12” row Stacked Snailz by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 13.5” row Bauhaus by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 12” row Spiral Feather by Jodi Beamish, Clothwerx, Willow Leaf Studio, 12” row Bolero by Sarah Ann Myers, Urban Elementz, 11” Modernish #2 by Barbara Becker, Four Pa
  4. SOLD!! $375 I would like to sell this as a lot. All pantos are brand new in packaging. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Paypal Payment due within 24 hrs. of sale. 1) 9" Fantail by Lorien Quilting 2) 8.25" Peacock Palm by Patricia Ritter 3) 6" Texas Bluebonnet by Patricia Ritter 4) 7.25" Fleur des Lys by Patricia Ritter 5) 7.5 Sago Palm by Patricia Ritter 6) 4" & 6" Dragon Fly Borders by Donna Reinarts (The Quilt Rack) 7) 12" Whirlwind by Karen Th
  5. I have just bought a computerized program for my APQS and I am selling all my R & S and other brand groovy boards . I also have about 20 pantograph scrolls. the hartley base extender and a variety of rulers. All are slightly used. Please call if interested. 325- 829-1595, Nancy Harper
  6. Selling the following patterns $8/pattern plus shipping: Themes: 2 Pumpkins and Loops Jelly Bean Quilter Mary Eddy, 10” and 8” sizes Cherry Meander Debra Geissler Tannenbaum small Jodi Beamish Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Debra Geissler Hedwig the Owl Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Nancy’s Flakes Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Gossamer Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Christmas Holly Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Festive Holly Willow Leaf Designs Jodi Beamish Tumblin’ Teddy Bears Urban Elements Patricia Ritter Pumpkin Patch Be
  7. I just upgraded to the Intelliquilter and I'd like to sell my stash of pantos (as a group, if possible). I have 152 paper pantos intended for a longarm (not mid-arm or short-arm pantos). Probably 80% have never been used or even unrolled. I'd like to get $1,200 and I'll pay shipping in the USA. I've attached a link to a PDF file showing all the pantos (with thumbnails) as well as a pick showing them all bundled up so you get the idea of how many there are....if you buy them all, I can send you the Word document with all the pantos as well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fjPLMGYMu6BT
  8. Just thought I'd share something I've started doing that has proven helpful. When I started machine quilting using pantographs I created a Pinterest board where I collected 'pins' of patterns I thought I might like to own at some point or even those I just thought were really interesting or cool. As I've been building my collection I started a new board of 'purchased pantographs' and now I move from my first location or pin a new image of any panto I buy (either new or private sale thru forums, etc) in this board. I can note information concerning the design - size, etc. and when I purch
  9. www.willowleafstudios.com Treetop Joust Maple Syrup Rosie Autumn Oaks Angel Wings Ruffle Flower Springtime small Feelin’ Groovy Ocean Star Frisky Feathers Lg Fantasia Hearts a Flutter Springtime www.urbanelementz.com Symphony Dusty Miller Grande www.goldenthreads.com Bellflower Double Plume Ground Cover Leaf and Scroll I purchased IQ for my machine and no longer need my paper pantographs. Asking $12 each plus shipping www.patternman.com Santa Fe In
  10. SPRING CLEANING I have the following pantographs for sale. $5 each plus mailing. If you purchase all of pantographs, I will mail to you for free. Popcorn small Willow Leaf Studio Ocean Breeze Lorien quilting Leaf bonus boarders and corners Golden threads Surfs-Up Different strokes Pretty Plumes. Golden threads Floral meander Different strokes Cat. Different strok
  11. Just to let you know that the latest blog post is up. I may never make another pair of p.j. bottoms again. Enjoy! Here's the link Sharon's blog: Quiltniques
  12. I'm getting my new Millie in 4 days and I can't wait to try out EVERYTHING she can do... but all the gadgets and gizmos are pricey and I understand many quilters buy tools that the end up not liking, or don't need once they move on to computerized quilting. Anyone have Hartley Microdrive handles for a millennium that you aren't using and would like to sell? Any old paper pantos lying around that you don't need anymore? Sell them to me, please! Your trash could become my treasure... Rebecca Grace www.CheekyCognoscenti.blogspot.com
  13. If anyone has recently upgraded to a computerized system and has used pantographs for sale I'd love to see what you have. I've purchased quite a few but always looking for new ones. Thanks, Brenda
  14. Hi, I posted last year when I was trying to decide which machine to buy - I was looking at the Lenni. Well, I went from looking at the Lenni to purchasing a Millie because I figured I was only going to make the investment once and I didn't want to be sorry later! So I stretched the budget and got a demo Millie. Since then, I check the forum regularly and have learned so much from the posts. I usually can find my answer without asking but now it's time to ask......... I've just started really using Millie and I swore I'd never do pantos, but I took the plunge and I've done about 5 quilt
  15. I am selling 16 different paper pantographs, all in very good condition. Entire set for $60 plus shipping; will not separate. Please convo for shipping arrangements. Star Swirl 14" Digitech Tropical Leaves 11-1/2" Deb Geissler Asian Flower Elegance (set of 3) Deb Geissler Dancing Leaves 11-1/2" Deb Geissler Prickle Patch 7-1/2" Lorien Quilting Harvest Winds Petite 5-1/4" Patricia Ritter Leaf and Scroll 11" Keryn Emmerson Floral Meander 15" Diff'rent Strokes All the Way (set of 3) Diff'rent Strokes Funky Fleur-de-lys 10-1/2" Featheration 13-3/4" Golden Threads Feather Me 6" Golde
  16. I have some awesome pantographs for sale. I purchased Quilt Path so am switching over to digital. I waited way too long to practice with Pantographs. If you're new, don't be afraid to give them a try. My business got a real boost once I became proficient with the pantos because I was able to finish much quicker that a custom. They are the "bread and butter" of our business. $8 ea plus shipping. All 23 $175 plus shipping. Linda Taylor -Feather Meandering 14” -Feathered Flower 15” Jodi Beamish -Waterworld 8” Sold -Holly Bells 8.75” -Chevron Feather 10” Sold -Popcorn SM 6” So
  17. I have a bunch of pantos for sale that I have either grown tired of using or just didn't fit my needs. I am selling them for $5.00 each + shipping or all 7 for $30.00 They are: 10" Flowers by Hayley 12" Deb's Feathers : you can see the pattern at http://www.debrageissler.com/catalogs/DESIGNS%20BY%20DEB%202014%20CATALOG_Part%202.pdf 12" Breast Cancer awareness: you can see the pattern at http://www.debrageissler.com/catalogs/DESIGNS%20BY%20DEB%202014%20CATALOG_Part%202.pdf 5" Hands and Hearts Border: you can see the pattern at http://www.debrageissler.com/catalogs/DESIGNS%20B
  18. A quick panto but a beautiful one!!! This is called "Flitter" by Patricia E. Ritter and I (Valerie Smith) for Urban Elementz. My client Darlene chose the panto...I chose the thread (Omni in Daisy by Superior Threads) and she sent along Warm and White for batting. LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out! DSCN6125 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr DSCN6126 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr DSCN6130 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
  19. The last set of pantographs has been sold, and I want to thank you for showing an interest in my collection. Your reviews and inquiries reminded me, once again, that you are a wonderful, caring group of quilters. I am proud and delighted to be a member of this group! Nancy V.
  20. I am buying a computerize system for my Millie. Any ideas on how to sell my paper pantos I will no longer use? How about my Hartley Circle Maker? I don't know how to get the 'word' out there. I am new to this forum.
  21. I am getting ready for new Quilt Path and am cleaning out my studio. I have all of the following for sale. Shipping rates will be from 75070. If you are within 3 hours of Dallas, we can arrange for local pick-up or meet along the way. SOLD Circle Lord Basic Front Unit $225 plus shipping Design Templates: Aztec $52 plus shipping Crosshatch 13" $52 plus shipping Curved Crosshatch $77 plus shipping Diamondz $39 plus shipping Featherz $52 plus shipping Featherz Border $39 plus shipping Gingko $52 plus shipping Heartz $39 plus shipping Micro Featherz $30 plus shippin
  22. Okay, I have a couple of questions. First of all, we're leaving next week for a 10 day holiday in Annaheim, California. I've googled quilt shops out there, but I'd like to hear from other quilters. Which shops should I make sure I visit? Next question: Is anyone out there selling their pantographs? Lori
  23. I've been having so much fun playing with my new Freedom. The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. Good thing it's fun! Yesterday I tried one of the pantographs that came with the machine, and it was quite fun too. Not as hard as I thought. Does anyone have any pantograph advice? Where to buy(online)? Favourite designs? Anything at all, I'm a sponge. Lori Empty Nest LAQ
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