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Found 64 results

  1. I started quilting Patsy's Alaska Bear Paw quilt 10 days ago and finished it yesterday. I used Christy Dillon's Diamond Magic for the borders and sashing. Then I used Patiricia Ritter's Petite Zanzibar triangle block. Myrna's Ficken's pinched squares to make the arc's and Dawn's off the edge rulers to do the SID! I think it took about 81 hours and 23 bobbins. She picked i t up this morning and loved it!!!! love my quilt path!!! and Rulers!!!! has wool batting and used grey Magnifico and Fantastico 5002 threads with Filtec bobbins. Thanks for looking. 20170323_140740 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140753 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140938 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140958 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
  2. Suddenly, my Millie is darting across a quilt and stitching as she goes. Once, the tablet went black and she kept stitching, but began to go faster and faster. I had no way to stop the machine but to turn off at the side and carriage. Since, I can stitch out about two rows before she begins to do the bizarre stitching again. She came with windows 10 installed. No problems and loving her, until this. I cannot find how to defrag/repair the tablet. I have her plugged into a UPS and she is the only item on it. I am always in airplane mode. Desperate as I have a large number of quilts on my schedule. Thanks!!
  3. I am a new QP owner. Got it last month. Since the time I got it, I have watched ALL the Youtube videos available many times. I have read all of Thread Waggles written tutorials. I have copied all of the manual and read through it. I have uploaded QP to my laptop. I have read for many hours and taken notes. I have used it on two quilts and a plain muslin. Still, I find a lot of information VERY lacking. For instance: "Placement Methods", Page 12. It shows a drawing of EXACTLY what happened when I tried to place a pattern inside an odd-sized shape. The pattern doesn't fill it up in the picture. I turn to Page 13 to see what to do, and there is nothing more on the subject. Where can I go to find -- or buy -- more tutorials on how to use Quilt Path? Surely, one doesn't have to wait for classes that only occur a few times a year. My quilts can't wait for that. The person who installed it for me didn't know much about it herself, so I can't really call her. She didn't install the QP carriage correctly either. WHO can I call? WHERE can I go? WHAT can I buy? Any information would be very much appreciated. Joy
  4. Hi Everyone, I am a new user. I know I am allowed to install Quilt Path on my desktop and my laptop for design and importing purposes. How do I go about doing this? Thank you!
  5. Hello everyone! By now you may have heard the exciting news that a major upgrade of Quilt Path is fast approaching! We’re in the final stages of testing and writing documentation so that we can get the new features to you soon. These include fast and simple border and corner placement, placing blocks using real size measurements, additional design templates, more free designs, design skew and more! You have also probably heard about Windows 10 and have been wondering if you should upgrade your Quilt Path tablet to this new operating system. After much research and consideration about how the upgrade might affect Quilt Path operation, APQS is recommending that Quilt Path users do take advantage of the free upgrade offer Microsoft has presented. The deadline for the free upgrade is next Friday, July 29. The attached document answers important questions about upgrading including the benefits of upgrading, how to upgrade, changes to settings on your tablet and Quilt Path and more. It also provides instructions and links to help you make the upgrade as quick and painless as possible. However, the upgrade will take several hours to complete, so we encourage you to plan accordingly. Rest assured that you are not required to upgrade to Windows 10 to continue using Quilt Path. However, upgrading now will ensure that your tablet stays current and will help us with troubleshooting issues going forward. If you have questions feel free to contact me. In addition, if you are on Facebook but are not already a member of the private Facebook Quilt Path Users Group, please let me know so that we can invite you to join. This active and helpful group for APQS Quilt Path owners all share tips, quilting ideas, troubleshooting tips, design suggestions and more—and we’d love to have you as a member! Just send me an email letting me know you’d like to join. (You will need to be on Facebook to join, however.) We’re anxious to get the finishing touches on the new Quilt Path upgrade and will get that out to you as soon as possible! Happy Quilting!
  6. SOLD! For Sale 2014 APQS Millennium with Quilt Path $22,000.00.
  7. I'm considering getting a Millie with Quilt Path, or adding IQ to my Gammill. In researching this, I read that adding IQ would make me loose 6" of quilting space. I currently have a Gammill Optimum with the 30" throat and don't like loosing any of that space. I know a Millie would have 26" of throat space to start with and am wondering if you loose more with the Quilt Path system installed? There are so many great features on the Millenium that I would love to give a try, but I don't want to go down too far on quilting space. Did Quilt Path add a "no sew" zone yet? I really would like to have that feature. I like that Quilt Path works with the APQS stitch regulator. IQ doesn't work with your machine stitch regulator. IQ looks like it is very user friendly, though. Oh, decisions, decisions..... Any info is appreciated!
  8. THIS HAS BEEN SOLD!! Gently used 2015 Millennium APQS Longarm Quilting Machine with QUILT PATH computerized quilting system $23,000 asking price (new pricing value on this same package is currently $32,000) Price includes: Millennium quilting machine Quilt Path computerized quilting software with Microsoft Surface 12 foot Universal Alloy Table Bliss Option Power Fabric Advance Quilt Glide Hartley Base Expander kit
  9. I just upgraded my older Millie to Bliss and Quilt Path and tried my first computerized stitch out. The system thinks it is stitching correctly but only moves horizontally. I have verified that it moves freely with the motors disengaged. Is this something this forum can help troubleshoot or should I refer the problem to the Grace Co.? Kathy
  10. I love my Quilt Path, but recently when I try to repair the pattern after a thread break it freaks out! When I try to trace back, it goes to a completely different area of the quilt top and begins tracing. Or sometimes it traces back, but when I push to sew, after pulling the bobbin, it will jump to a completely different area of the quilt to begin sewing. Any ideas? Has anyone else had this problem? I'm getting tired of picking out stitching so I can start the row over.
  11. Complete Quilt Path Computer system and software for sale. Unit comes with everything it had when purchased in January 2015 for a Millie with 12 ft table. Selling for $7,000.
  12. Complete Quilt Path Computer system and software for sale. Unit comes updated with all current software cords, etc. Purchase price is $6,500. Contact Lori at
  13. FOR SALE: 2009 Millennium w/Power Fabric Advance, 14' table, rollers and canvas, 12' table, rollers and canvas, under unit batting bar, light weight round mushroom legs, set up with full Bliss drive and 14' Bliss rails, also have original drive, . Unit serviced regularly. Great unit for someone. Asking price $10900 Contact Lori LMGULLY@SIO.MIDCO.NET
  14. Hi Does anyone know how I could add Qp software to my desktop? Thanks mcthirl
  15. I am looking at getting Quilt Path and have a few questions... Does anyone know what the usual lead time is for delivery now? Is it pretty easy to install or will I need to have someone come out to do it? Is there a PDF that shows all of its features? Do you store the design files you've gotten on a computer and use it on the tablet with a thumb drive? I've seen some talk about no-sew area there a feature that allows you to block out a part of the pattern so it won't sew it out? If there's anything you think would be good for me to know before purchasing, please share!! Thanks in advance! Kristen
  16. Quilting Friends, As the busy activities of the holiday season really get in gear this Thanksgiving weekend, hopefully we can all find a happy balance between everything that needs to be done and the fun and relaxation of enjoying time with family and friends.Intelligent Quilting's final promotion of November ends on Sunday, so be sure to take a few minutes from your busy schedule and browse around a bit just for fun. For a minimum purchase of only $15 you will receive the beautiful and elegant Winter Damask Panto - this is basically a Buy One-Get One Free offer! To see an image just visit our home page at www.intelligentquilting.comBest wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend,CrystalIntelligent Quilting Tecumseh, MI
  17. I have run into a problem with my Quilt Path. I have broken a needle and when that happens, the x y position of the machine gets off from where it was originally. If I go into fix the pattern and pick the closets stitch, it isn't lined up with where the quilting really is. what I want to do is tell the system 'you are here' essentially and have it start quilting from that point. All I can figure out how to do is use the nudge arrows, but when you are off by an inch or more, that takes a really long time and isn't very accurate. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. PLEASE SEE UPDATED VERSIONS of this and other instructions at I hope this helps all of you as much as I know it will help me. Several of us Quilt Path owners brainstormed this over the Facebook Quilt Path Group. I had tried many ways to do this and others offered other possibilities. Although I could make it work using a couple other options, they were all so laborious and time-consuming; hardly worth the effort. But when Jessica Schick suggested this possibility, it sounded easy. She said she wasn't sure when she suggested it, that it would work, but when I tried it, IT DID WORK. It worked beautifully. Although this takes a bit of time, it’s easier, in my opinion, than turning the quilt for the side borders. And you can save the designs to use on other quilts as well. Even though I charge extra for turning a quilt, most customers don’t opt for it, so I end up having to do something freehand or, if the border is wide enough, finding an appropriate block design to place in the border as I advanced the quilt. Using the continuous line method described here, gives you a multitude of design choices: Continuous Line; Border, Sashing, as well as other designs like some triangles, for example. It also allows you to incorporate designs from a purchased set into each area of your quilt. A REVISED FILE has been uploaded. Old one removed. See REVISION DATE in bottom left corner of pages
  19. Next to brand new, buy this package now! PACKAGE INCLUDES: Millennium purchased in 2013, sewn only 5 full size quilts with it. 14' table, stitch regulator, automatic needle positioner, thread cutter, single stick button, laser light, turbo button winder, electronic horizontal vertical channel lock, black light, bliss option (new table), power fabric advance, quilt glide, overhead lighting, micro drive, base expander (with cutter), horizontal dual spool holder, several bobbins (aluminum), 2 bobbin cases, several needles. ALSO, APQS Quilt Path Computerized System. I purchased the best of the best and every upgrade possible. I am very inexperienced at quilting and just bought more than I know what to do with. I paid $34,000. I will take $29,000 for EVERYTHING or best offer! I'm located in Watertown, SD. Delivery is negotiable and can be discussed. Call Rhonda Hicks @ 605-881-1940 and leave message if needed.
  20. For those of you who have already purchased your Quilt Path, there is an awesome group over on Facebook. The interaction there is a little bit faster than here on the APQS forums - as of today, we have 150+ members! It's a closed group, so you need an invitation to be able to join. Contact the APQS Rep that facilitated your QP purchase, or send me an email at, and we'll arrange to get you that invitation!
  21. I'm fairly new to Quilt Path and am sure this has been discussed before, but can't seem to easily find the answer. I'm comfortable with doing E2E pantos with QP, but now have a customer who wants an all over design quilted inside the quilt borders. As with most quilts, it's not exactly square, so using the standard placement for E2E pantos, (measuring height & width) won't work. How do I place the design so that each row fits completely within the quilt center AND is placed correctly under the one above it? Would much appreciate any suggestions or advice.
  22. PLEASE SEE UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS OF THIS AND OTHER FILES AT INSTRUCTIONS STITCHING BOUNDARIES WITH QUILT PATH I was reading the manual again about placement options and something caught my attention. So I tried it. I was so excited about what I learned, I wrote a simple little instruction file for myself and also in case it would help someone else. In the quilt pictured, I stitched in the ditch close to the appliqued set of blocks, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to do an outline around the entire set of applique, so I tried the boundaries feature and it worked great. Instructions are attached as a PDF so they can be easily printed if desired. If you try it, please let me know how it went or if my instructions confused you in any way. Thanks.
  23. I just got a message on my quilt path to update the firmware. I have had the quilt path for about 2 weeks. The message says there is a button to push to do the update. I have crawled around and can't find a button anywhere to push. Did anyone else get this message and if so where is the mystery button hiding? Thanks for your help
  24. Hi, I am new to this forum and am going to buy a Millie. I am debating if I should get the computer aided right away or wait. I am searching the forums and internet for information on Quilt Path. I have watched all the videos by Angela Huffman and I read some tuts on Thread Waggle blog(which is very good info). I have also downloaded the trail version and have been playing. I am having a hard time figuring out the Design and create side. I was wondering if there is anybody that lives close to Cushing, WI (St. Croix Falls area) that has Quilt Path that would not mind if I came over to see it in Person and to get your opinions and show me how it works and what it can do? The dealer I am going to purchase from does not have or use Quilt Path on her machine. I am also looking at comparing the Intelliquilter software. Does anybody have that software set up and use that? Would you be willing to demonstrate for me? Thank you. Leesa