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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and am going to buy a Millie. I am debating if I should get the computer aided right away or wait. I am searching the forums and internet for information on Quilt Path. I have watched all the videos by Angela Huffman and I read some tuts on Thread Waggle blog(which is very good info). I have also downloaded the trail version and have been playing. I am having a hard time figuring out the Design and create side. I was wondering if there is anybody that lives close to Cushing, WI (St. Croix Falls area) that has Quilt Path that would not mind if I came over to see
  2. i have created a panto that has 16 rows. Ive stitched through 9 rows. Now i want to stop and turn off QP and resume tomorrow. So, i hit the save icon, name the file and properly shut down. Today, when i open the saved file, i only have one row. 8-( i know its my process because this is the 3rd time on different quilts this has happened. Thanks for your help. :-)
  3. When I'm creating a pantograph in QP, I find myself straining to see the actual pattern. Not that a screen of blue blogs isn't attractive, but it's a novel concept that I want to actually see the details of the pattern. So I've been trying to use the view option and increasing the size (zoom). But each time I attempt to alter the view to the point where I can actually see the pattern, QP locks and get the Not Responding. I get that QP is slow and it takes a LONG TIME to think in order to make the changes you want it to make, but is anyone else running into this? Is there a better way
  4. Hi all, I am on the verge of plunging into a Millie, but have a few questions on some specs that I am not sure which way to go on. The first is the controversial L or M bobbin. Which do you have and why did you choose that size? I had a handi quilter that had the M big bobbin, which I really loved. I could load it with Bottom Line thread and quilt forever. But am I compromising the beauty of the stitch? And the second item I am considering is the Quilt Path. Is it worth the investment? Or should I first get to know the machine then purchase it later? Do you need a separate program on
  5. I finally found time to finish my son's Tshirt quilt ... I used Quilters Niche basketball panto in the center of the quilt (learned how to use the ruler to get the perfect size to fit inside my border). I had my son write his first name on a piece of paper, took a picture of his signature and uploaded the photo into QP and then traced his sig, smoothed, optimized and cleaned-up the unnecessary breaks and the inserted the signature throughout the quilt. I used the QP fonts to create a block of 2005 (the year he graduated) to alternate with a basketball around the border. I had so much fun!
  6. Can you do cross hatching with the Quilt Path? And can the cross hatching be programmed to work around a design in the block? Thanks.
  7. I have downloaded several different designer digital files, (from One Song Needle Arts, My Creative Stitches, & Digitech) started with the free ones just to see how the process worked. These were all .qli files, and I had no trouble at all importing them into Quilt Path. When I go to "Select and Sew PATTERN", and try to open my imported file, it stalls and crashes the program. Sometimes it will just stall for a few minutes, and then QP tells me "out of safe area" when I have already set the safe area. Try to reset safe area, and it will stall and eventually crash. Sometimes I get a p
  8. This is for Fun! Quilt Path is a great program and I thought we could share stuff here that we have learned and links to videos and pictures of our quilts we have done with it!
  9. I should be getting my new machine with Quilt Path around the 1st of March. Meanwhile I'm trying to learn as much as possible so I can hopefully not be too overwhelmed. I've watched all the videos on the APQS site: http://apqs.com/machines/quilt-path/?vid=AfRHedYC3hg I've been following the excellent blog by Angela Clark: http://www.threadwaggle.blogspot.com I've downloaded and installed the Quilt Path demo program to my computer and have been stumbling through that. It makes more sense if I play one of the videos on my iPad and follow along on the demo. http://www.cabinlogic.com/site/apqs
  10. Has anyone tried to design your own quilting design using the Design and Create portion of Quilt Path? I am trying to create a simple design. Instructions in the Help file are woefully inadequate. I have found a more detailed Help file posted by Grace Co, but the buttons & features are not the same as those in the QP PatternCAD. Grrrrr
  11. I borrowed Angela Huffman's magic hat. My Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, and Quilt Path are all running. And I am cleaning my studio. Someone should really smack me for waiting so long to buy a computer for my Mille.
  12. I am so green! There I said it. That didn't hurt at all. I am so excited My Quilt Path ships today. I will be recording dozens of videos to give you a 'real time' look at the learning curve a newbie to automated quilting can expect when they take the leap into computerized quilting. My question to all you experts and even light users on the forum is this: Where do I start downloading new designs? What are some of the sites out there where I can find border/blocks/e2e designs to load into my QP when it arrives? What am I looking for in a good starter pack? What designs do you guys use the
  13. Hello Everyone, We've added a subforum for the new APQS Quilt Path. Post your comments, questions, Quilt Path photos and anything related to the Quilt Path right here. You'll find the subforum under: Longarm Machine Quilting Training ----Computer Aided Quilting -----APQS Quilt Path I will most likely move older threads that are specifically related to the Quilt Path to this subforum when time permits, but I'll leave a link to the thread in which the topic originated to maintain any bookmarks you may have added. Happy computerized quilting!
  14. Who out there has the Quilt Path system, and what do you think of it?
  15. I'm new to the APQS forum, but I've been reading as much as I can whenever I can find a minute. I'm so grateful to have found all of you quilters who are willing to share your wisdom. There is a particular subject, however, that I'm finding is leaving me more confused than I already was. I'm getting ready to order my brand new Freedom, and I'm trying to decide which bells and whistles I should get. Some (not many, to be honest) say get the Hartley Fence. Then there's the Quiltazoid, or Circle Lord. What about pantographs? Here's another big question: If I get the Quilt Path System, would
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