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Found 8 results

  1. 2017 Millie with Quiltpath. Have been using prewound bobbins exclusively, mostly Magna Glide without any issues. Had never tried my Turbo winder. Got a client quilt where she wanted a variegated thread. I had a good one with Affinity by Fil-Tec. Then she decided to ask for matching thread in the bobbin. Well, Fil-Tec doesn't offer prewounds in that line that I can find. So I dug out my second bobbin case, and finally figured out how to use the Turbowinder. The bobbins looked like they wound properly. I used the aluminum ones and the same Affinity thread. Set up my machine to quilt. As usual, I tested the tensions on a sample. Ugh! Bobbin tension was bad. so started the routine to adjust it. Tightening the top only made it fractionally better, so I tried the bobbin case adjustments. Went a bit far and tightened it too much, but fixed that fast. Tightened the top several times until on the sample it looked ok. Started the panto. First pattern looked fine, so I continued. Shouldn't have. The rest of the row had wonky back tension and I'm going to have to rip it all out. The only different factor seems to be the aluminum bobbin. I don't have a TOWA gauge, but the "hold up" test was ok. Help! Pamela Sonoran Sky Quilting
  2. I sold my machine a couple years ago, so I no longer need the thread for it! I am offering it in three bundles or all of it for $125 plus shipping. 11 Spools of So Fine from Superior + 1 Twist - $30 + shipping 10 Spools of Glide from Fil-Tec + 2 Spools of Affinity + 4 mini Spools of Glide + 1 mini spool perish - $48 + shipping 5 Boxs of Fil-Tec bobbins of varying usage + 6 Magna Glide bobbin jars - $75 + shipping
  3. For sale: 10 "jars" of Magna-glide bobbins - trilobal polyester; Style L; 20 bobbins in a jar. Each bobbin has 72 yds. on it. All brand new; left in plastic "jar" and in a cabinet drawer in a heated (70' room). Never used. Also includes one thread color chart. Selling all as one unit. Each container contains 20 bobbins all of same color. Colors: 1.) Linen (10WG1) 2.) Cream (20001) 3.) Warm grey (10WG4) 4.) Black (11001) 5.) Dark Brown (20476) 6.) Navy (32965) 7.) White (10000) 8.) Maroon (70209) 9.) Khaki (24525) 10.)Light Olive (65825) $70.00 for all of the above. Payments can be done thru Paypal. Thanks, Lynn aka Quilt Mummo My email:
  4. Question: Does anyone know the price of new magna glide delights bobbins? Here's the info: Trilobal polyester; Style L; 72 yds each; came 20 bobbins in a plastic jar ? I have 10 "jars" and will likely want to sell. Brand new, none ever used, been in the jars and in a cabinet. Never got around to trying them. Once I know the original cost, I can offer them at a very reasonable price. And will list all the colors when I have info re: original cost. Thanks, Lynn aka Quilt Mummo
  5. Size M Bobbin Case - Brand New, Never Used = $35.00 + SH Stand Alone Bobbin Winder for Size M Bobbins - Great Condition and Gently Used for hobby quilting only = $85.00 + SH
  6. Hi, I just picked out a bunch of stitches.....I have been winding my own bobbins mainly but had tried some Superior so fine prewound bobbins....what I noticed at first was that I had to loosen my tension on my dedicated self wound So Fine bobbin case..I thought maybe I would not have to as that was the thread that I was using....then when I tested the bobbin by pulling out some of the bobbin thread was that it did not pull I pulled out enough to feel like it was going smoothly...the first two bobbins worked fine as long as I removed a bit at the beginning to get a smooth pull...then on the third one....I would get a series of loose top stitches...then stitches would be fine...then loose again....a bit of railroading of the bobbin thread....I put the bobbin back in the case and was pulling I removed the cardboard sides...better...but still had a spot where I would have to give it a tug....I went back to winding my own for this quilt. The stitches have now been fine through 3 bobbin changes so it had to be the pre-wound bobbin....just asking for some feedback on whither what I experienced is common or is it folks normally remove a bit at the beginning and the cardboard? I also have gotten some Superior bottom line pre-wounds and filtec delights and classic ones....I haven't tried those yet.....which bobbins seem to work best and do you change what type of pre-wound you use if the quilt is going to washed and used? or if it is a show quilt? I thought pre-wounds would be great to use...but so far, even with my side-winder deluxe bobbin seems the self wound ones are working better.....thanks...Lin
  7. I have a quilt I am starting and for the live of me I can not get my tension right. First the thread just laid on the quilt or at least the is what I could tell. Now the top looks good but the bottom looks like it is just riding on the fabric. I loosen the top thread and you can just about rub the stitches off but the bottom looks the same . Just out for a ride you might say. Can someone give me some advice before I scream. Or something Connie
  8. Hi all. My George is still teaching me about thread, bobbins, and tension. I am trying to diagnose problems by sound. I know he thumps when I go through seams, no problem. But sometimes my bobbin rattles, sometimes not. Anybody else have rattling, and what does it mean, do you know? Thanks.