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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I am new to this forum and a new Longarm Quilter. I also don't have an APQS machine, this is just the best forum I could find that hopefully someone could give me some tips. I quilt with a Kenquilt Royal longarm that is just a champ! I am having trouble with variegated king tut thread, I get lots of skipped stitches and top thread breakage. I have fiddled with tensions to no end. I at first was trying to run the variegated in the bobbin too, but I have switched to solid perma core in the bobbin, but I am still having trouble. It will sew perfect for about a foot or so and then it will either start skipping, or it will break the top thread. Anyone have any tips?? It does seem to be worse when I am pushing away from me or when I am going around a curve. I go from left to right as much as I can and try to keep my speed slow and steady. I have tried groz beckert size 18 in both regular and the titanium needle, and now I am trying a size 20 but still no luck...Help!
  2. I have a quilt on the frame that is a customer quilt. She brought her own thread for me to use. It is king tut and she wanted it on the top and bottom. I stitched two rows, and although the tension looked ok while I was quilting, it is horrible after I rolled the quilt. Railroad tracks, flatlining, stair step stitches,most on the bottom but some on top too. And, it is a very dense pattern, backing is the white on white fabric (looks like thick white painted on flowers), batting is cotton, and batik on top. 2 hours of quilting and I'm on day 3 going into day 4 for frogging. Bobbin tension is around 100-120, top tension is a little tighter than the bobbin. My hands are very sore! My question is, have you ever used KT top and bottom, and how much tension did you have on the bobbin and top threads? I have already decided to not use her KT on the bottom when I restart the quilting, She is aware that I might not be able to get the top and bottom thread to play nice and was ok with me switching to bottom line if necessary. This is just for any future issues with similiar situations. Thanks in advance, Debbie