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Found 29 results

  1. I just purchased my first long arm machine. It is an used Ultimate II, non stitch regulated. I'm learning, but need some help. I am having a few loops on the underside of my practice pieces. Can anyone direct me to a manual or video that helps new owners figure things out? Kinda like if this happens (top thread shredding) then you check this, this, and/or this. If your stitches are looping underneath, then you check this..... Does this make sense? It appears there is limited amount of trouble shooting videos on the web. Or at least I haven't found it. I am a <have to see it to learn it> type of person. Although this forum is very beneficial, if I can't see it then I'm having trouble assimilating it into action. Also, does someone have any suggestions on the speed control dial? I'm not sure how that works and how I need to adjust my speed in order to have it all working together. Thank you. Robbin
  2. I've had my Millennium for about 2 weeks now and love it. I've got quilt #5 loaded up. Quilts 1 to 4 were stitched with either the poly thread that came with the machine or Glide thread that I ordered - absolutely no problem. But with #5 I want to use some cotton thread that I have - it's "proper" quilting thread that I used on my previous machine so I know it works. But having trouble with the tension - I've loosened, tightened bobbin and top thread. The top thread keeps breaking. Any ideas out there?
  3. I've been happily using So Fine in the top & bobbin without any problems whatsoever. Now I have a customer that only wants cotton thread to be used. I played with King Tut & Aurfil & am discovering the same thing- I practice to test the tension & things look great, so I start to quilt the panto. The top always looks great & occassionally the bottom tension looks perfect then 2 inches later it looks like my top thread is too loose. I can't tighten my top thread anymore without incurring thread breaks. Am I missing a secret trick? I test every bobbin with the TOWA gauge & aim for 200. Should I loosen it more with cotton thread? Thank you! Robin
  4. I am a practicing newbie. I have been using the thread and prewound buttons I received from APQS exclusively. They are a variety and its interesting to try different kinds. I now am getting ready to order some. I really like the glide thread that was sent. But no where on the cone does it say if its Superior, Signature, or what??? Also, the magna-glide bobbins I see everyone loves, where do you find them? The search I did said they are embroidery bobbins...does that matter? And I'm looking for some resources for purchasing thread and bobbins. Also, what is everyone's favorite thread they use in the top and bottom? I know...lots of questions but some I really need answered. Thanks all.