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Found 59 results

  1. SELLING FOR $14,500.00 without design boards. I am moving into a smaller home and will not have room for my long-arm and so, sadly, I have to sell it. It is a 2013 APQS Millie with 12' Bliss quilting system with quilt glide, and power fabric advance. Standard features include stitch regulator, automatic needle positioner, thread cutter, single stitch button, laser light, turbo bobbin winder, black light, horizontal/vertical lock. This machine has been lightly used, well-loved and cared for. I will include accessories I have purchased to include quite a lot of prewound bobbins, replacement needles, etc. In addition, I have 13 different Circle Lord giant template sets and stylus that I would include with the machine for an additional $2,000.00. I have the following design boards: Birdy Baptist Fan Cosmos Honeycomb Jester Meander Ribbles Ribblets Rosebud Square Dance Swirls Trillium Zig-Zag I have kept the paperwork and original box and packing for the Millie so she can be packed and moved safely. I am asking $16,500.00 OBO for everything including all the design boards. The boards retail for over $4,000. I will sell the machine, table/track system and everything it came with when I purchased directly from APQS 5 years ago separately without the design boards for $14,500.00. Located in Boise, Idaho.
  2. I have a 2011 Lenni on a 10 ft bliss table for sale. $6800. She comes with the ergo handles(curved) as well as the upright ones. She has LED lights, manual and stitch regulated mode. She also comes with a stylus for grooved boards. I bought her brand new and she runs like a champ! I am including a free beginners class at my location. I am a certified dealer, educator and service tech. I am located in Jim Thorpe PA. You can also find me on the dealer locator page on the APQS website. This is for pick up only. Come and try her out! Call Lorraine at 267-255-3092 and please leave a message.
  3. I have upgraded to a Bliss table and have the original glass table to sell very reasonably! You just make me an offer! We can discuss shipping or pick up- I live in central Minnesota.
  4. Quilt Path for Sale. Purchased last part of December 2013. It has been used very few times. It is on a 14 foot table. You may have to have a new belt for a 12 foot table. I do no know if you can change the size of it or not. Price $6000
  5. If anyone has any 14 foot leader zippers laying around I would love to pay shipping to get them out of your way ,I am just a part time use quilter with not much time to quilt. Thank you! I have some very old and simple pantos taking up space that I will be sorting soon if there is any newbies or anyone else that might be interested,they are super simple elementary kinds, most came with my bundle used machine package years ago. It has been a long time since I have visited here ,its kind of addicting to me ,I miss all you wonderful and creative people that have helped me along the way,I bought a used 2001 2or3 and have had no regrets.If anyone has an old frame ,any size my millie would fit on I would be interested in that also,would love to find a small one that I could have set up elsewhere so I could just travel with miss millie,.wishful thinking ,lol Thank you all again! Queenie
  6. APQS Millennium 2010 with Bliss, motorized advance, hydrolic lift, Quilt Glide, micro drive handles, ruler base, Hartley table, Hartley bars, zipper leaders, AND IQ on a 12'table. In good condition. Runs well. Location is Orlando FL. Only $16000
  7. Please help me decide between these two machines --- APQS Millie and Handi Quilter Infinity My husband and I are planning to purchase one of these machines by summer to start a home business for machine quilting. We also plan to buy either the ProStitcher or the IntelliQuilter software for the machine, because that is the primary focus for developing our business. I DO want to do my own custom quilting manually on my machine, but that won't be the type of quilting I will do for our customer base until I master the techniques for myself. I know this is an APQS board, but I know that there have been reviews and comparisons of other machines here as well. I would so much appreciate any insight from anyone who has used both brands of machines to talk about quality, features, and service. What is it that I MUST know about either machine that could seriously impact my decision? My husband is learning toward the Handi Quilter machine now, primarily because of the difference in cost and that the dealer is less than 1 hour away from where we live. The Handi Quilter does have a financing plan of no interest charges for up to 5 years which is VERY attractive to both of us. I like the APQS because of its lifetime warranty, and I prefer the design and sturdiness of the table that it comes with. Trying out both machines hasn't really shown me any preferences in easy or functionality of one machine over the other. But, then again, I have not done any longarm machine quilting before either. I don't want to be too short-sided, however, and make a decision on cost alone and wish that I had considered other features before buying. Hence, my questions to those of you kind enough to read my question. Thank you! Lisa
  8. 2012 Freedom with Quilt Path for Sale Great machine, equipped with a 12' table. Has Bliss, Glide, lots of extras. I am downsizing and sorry to let go of this machine. It is easy to service and a joy to quilt with. Recommend taking an online Quilt Path class. I did and was up and running very quickly. I have used this machine lightly for quilting for customers (maybe one a week) and my own. Comes with hundreds of digital patterns (about $1000 in cost) as well as lots of Glide thread and prewound bobbins in tons of colors. Also, a bobbin winder, Hartley fence and rulers. Has electric advance. Email me at if you are interested. It is located in Northern California. Over $30,000 invested. Asking $18,000. Path for Sale
  9. Has this happened to anyone. I turned off Lucey. 10 minutes later went back to take out the bobbin and oil her. The needle wont lift. It wont move at all. I got the needle out and the bobbin and still nothing. I checked to see if anything got unplugged. Dont know what else to check, Ill call in the am, but thought someone here might know what to do. Just took off a customer quilt, loaded another, then took it off and thats when it happened. This is such an awesome machine. I have been quilting the last 3 or 4 quilts without the stitch regulator. Really distraught about this, but I hope its a simple solution to the problem. Need to load another quilt. Thanks to anyone that can help.
  10. APQS Freedom 2012 with Quilt Path for Sale. Equipped with Bliss, 12 foot table. See the invoice for all the options. Also included, hundreds of digital patterns, over $1000 of thread including prewound bobbins from Glide. Plexiglass fence for ruler work, various rulers. Basically a whole setup for long arm quilting. We are downsizing and won't have room for my machine. These machines are work horses, very easy to maintain and easy to sew with. Recommend taking a basic Quilt Path class. I did and was up and running very quickly. Over $30,000 invested. For sale for $18,000. I am located in Northern California. Email Susan at
  11. I live in eastern TN. Looking to buy an APQS reasonably priced. Thank you.
  12. MOVING- No room for it. MUST SELL Contact: Joyce 319-404-5792 Waterloo IA $9,500 Freedom 2009 Less than 40 quilts completed on this machine Throat Size 26” X 10.5” Frame 12’ table length Stitch Regulator Multi-Position Handles, also Microdrive Handles Hartley Base Expander Horizontal Locks Led Light Laser Light Stylus Bobbin L Turbo Bobbin Winder Automatic Quilt Advance System Hydraulic Lift Table, for ease of height adjustment Lots of extras: Prewound bobbins, Bobbin Cases, needles, thread, rulers, Towa Bobbin Tension Gauge, Quick Load Clamps-No Pining
  13. I am selling my 2005 APQS Millie. My career has taken a new path and I don't have the free time I would like to play with her. She is lonely and needs to find a loving home. I purchased her from the original owner in Pennsylvania. (My husband drove a flatbed trailer 12 hours from our home to bring this sweet girl home to us!). She was fully serviced in 2011 and wasn't used much after that, as her owner sadly passed away. I purchased her in 2014 and have taken excellent care of her. She is cleaned after each use and oiled appropriately. She will be sent home to her new family with LOTS of extras (See below). Asking $9000 or best offer. Purchaser is responsible for take-down (we will help and explain how to set it all back up), arrangement for transportation/local pick-up. I live approximately 45 minutes west of Louisville, KY in Southern Indiana. Contact me within this post or my cell-phone at 812-972-4667. Thank you!! Millie comes with: * Auto Quilt Advance with foot control * 12' Deluxe Table * Hartley Base Expander * Hartley Fence * Micro Drive * Leader Grips * Laser pointer for use with Pantos * LOTS of Pantos * 3 half used boxes of magnetic bobbins * Needles * Lots of thread * LOTS of quilting books * Several (a huge stack!) of Stencils and powder to use with stencils * Lots of Rulers * Rolling saddle seat stool * and probably more that I'm forgetting! These are the only pics I currently have. Will take more and post soon, or text me for other pictures.
  14. We are moving and I cannot take my machine with me. I have a 2005 Ultimate 1 for $5,500. This machine is a real workhorse. It has single stitch, lower thread cutter, separate bobbin winder, batting storage bar 14 ft. table. The machine is a 26". You can do pantographs or freehand with this machine. I personally specialized in custom freehand. I especially enjoy doing featherwork. We are moving soon so I am eager to sell. All reasonable offers will be considered. Buyer is responsible for tear down, transportation and setup. 419-545-2192 I am located in the Mansfield, Ohio area
  15. THIS HAS BEEN SOLD!! Gently used 2015 Millennium APQS Longarm Quilting Machine with QUILT PATH computerized quilting system $23,000 asking price (new pricing value on this same package is currently $32,000) Price includes: Millennium quilting machine Quilt Path computerized quilting software with Microsoft Surface 12 foot Universal Alloy Table Bliss Option Power Fabric Advance Quilt Glide Hartley Base Expander kit
  16. SOLD!!! We are moving and I cannot take my machines with me. I have a 2005 APQS Ultimate 1 that is a real workhorse. This is a 26" machine. It comes with a 14' table with batting storage underneath. Includes laser stylus, bobbin winder, bobbins, bobbin cases, needles, manual, pantos and oil, single stitch button, lower thread cutter, manual channel locks, canvas leaders, side clamps. The machine is currently set up. Price is $5,500. I am eager to sell. All reasonable offers will be considered. Located in Mansfield, Ohio area. 419-545-2192. Buyer is responsible for tear down, transportation and setup. I may be able to deliver depending on where you are located.
  17. Hello , I am selling a 2007 Millenium purchased new @ $ 22,000 asking $12,000(negotiable) all manuals included Computer capability if so inclined. Machine has: -14' Deluxe Table -Fabric Advance with Foot Pedal -Frame on casters for easy mobility -New Leaders -Size L Bobbin -Stitch Regulator -Lower Thread Cutter -Horizontal and Vertical Locks -Single Stitch Positioner -Laser Light -A few cones of thread, extra needles, several extra bobbins, several photographs included. We also have TONS of fabric, batting, patterns , tools , quilting magazines and books for sale . Everything is negotiable. Located in Amarillo tx . Feel free to call or message me any questions .
  18. Apqs Freedom N/S 5000.00 perfect setbupnto add a computer system to excellent machine a work horse this is a Aoqs non stitch regulated machine needle positioner single stitch 12' table 26" throat 5 year warranty machine is near mint price includes shipping setbup and training (lower 48) add motorized fabric adavance for 500.00 add lighting system for 350.00 cimes with bobbin winder and basic start up kit asking 5000.00 text me or email me or call me 269-767-2799 text/call 24/7 email
  19. Just received my new Scoop foot! Can I say how cool it is that APQS engineers keep making our machines better and better? This new foot is the bomb; glides right over wavey quilt edges, stray threads, "creatively pieced" blocks with pleats , etc. Love, love, my new foot; got one for each machine, Millie and Lucey. Check out the new foot on the APQS online store. New shoes for my babies for the New Year!
  20. Ultimate II Longarm quilting Machine Great workhorse of a machine! Brand new motor, and newly cleaned and serviced. Works perfectly! Looking to upgrade, but I need to sell my machine first. It has been a wonderful machine, and a dream to quilt with. Table breaks down into two 5' sections. New Sheri Butler foot added to do ruler work. Great machine for just starting out! Purchaser is responsible for shipping/pickup. Thanks for looking! Located in California. Features: - 10' Lenni Stowaway table - 10 L bobbins - Hartley base extender - Straight ruler - Pantograph cover - Handles in front and back - Under handle light - 2 Pantographs - Sidewinder bobbin winder - Oiler - Instruction manual and DVD Asking $2500
  21. I bought this machine new in 2003, it comes with a 14 ft table, has stitch regulator, automatic advance, zipper leaders, Hartley attachments, and more. I am in Somerset, Wisconsin. Would like $10,500 for everything.
  22. I am moving to a smaller home so I must sell my APQS Discovery Quilting machine. It is a great working, smaller longarm (same body as UII 20" throat) not a midarm. It includes machine, wood and metal table, supplies, patterns, batting, thread, and Circle Lord system with templates aND full sized queen boards. I would like $3,900 or BO for everything. I ran a Quilting business for a short time so it has all kinds of supplies to start a business or just your own quilting. There are about $2,000 in Circle Lord supplies alone. The Discovery is similar to the Lenni or Liberty by APQS but no Stitch regulator. I have done very well with out one. It easily handles different types of threads and still have beautiful stitches. It has all the other gizmos like needle up down, one stitch, laser light, and it is very light weight (37 lbs?). Being so light, it makes free motion quilting a breeze. I will provide a couple of hours in lessons for free and help set up if bought within 60 miles. I can also provide additional lessons if needed at an additional cost. I live in South Portland Maine about 45 minutes north of Portsmouth NH. It needs to be picked up. Give me an email or text me 207.766.6800 I have it listed under craigslist maine also.
  23. APQS Millennium – 14’ table – many extras – $10,500. Very light personal use. Purchased new in 2002 and completed about 20 quilts. The machine was in storage from 2004 to 2015. Finished a backlog of 20 quilts in the last year. Just moved & now we are looking to move again. I don't know if we'll have room for the machine. This machine works perfectly. § Power Roller Advance § Multi positional handles § Height adjustable table § Horizontal and vertical directional locks § Stitch regulator – set the stitch length and it makes uniform stitches no matter how fast or how slow you go § Synchronous belt drive system § Self-lubricating bushings § LED lighting § Simple disc thread tensioner § Laser stylus for pantographs § 26” throat size § Bobbin winder EXTRAS – most never used § Hartley Fence § Hartley base expander § Hartley fence stencil kits § Hartley perfect circle maker § Multiple rules (unused) including paisley, straight edge, scallop & waves § Batting rack § Dozens of spools of Marilyn Badger art thread § Dozens of paper pantographs & some Mylar pantographs § Miscellaneous other notions to make this a complete and ready to use unit The value of this package is over $17,000 but it’s priced at $10,500. It is set up in southern Oregon so you can try it out. We can help disassemble and pack for you or your transporter. We have a decent guest room for overnight stay for buyer. Possible transportation to CA or northern OR. Happy to answer questions. Carol
  24. Next to brand new, buy this package now! PACKAGE INCLUDES: Millennium purchased in 2013, sewn only 5 full size quilts with it. 14' table, stitch regulator, automatic needle positioner, thread cutter, single stick button, laser light, turbo button winder, electronic horizontal vertical channel lock, black light, bliss option (new table), power fabric advance, quilt glide, overhead lighting, micro drive, base expander (with cutter), horizontal dual spool holder, several bobbins (aluminum), 2 bobbin cases, several needles. ALSO, APQS Quilt Path Computerized System. I purchased the best of the best and every upgrade possible. I am very inexperienced at quilting and just bought more than I know what to do with. I paid $34,000. I will take $29,000 for EVERYTHING or best offer! I'm located in Watertown, SD. Delivery is negotiable and can be discussed. Call Rhonda Hicks @ 605-881-1940 and leave message if needed.
  25. I am a new quilter who is looking for a gently used Mille or Freddie for non-commercial use. I would like something that I can upgrade at a later date. I am located around Tampa, FL but would be willing to take a field trip and drive to pick up if I can find the right machine at the right price! Thanks