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Found 4 results

  1. I am attaching this picture because I'm trying to figure out this tension problem on the back of the quilt. First off, since I finished this quilt, I have had no tension problems on the other quilts I have quilted. I had adjusted the tension several times on this quilt and it had worked perfectly for part of the quilt and then would hiccup this issue; quilt merrily along and then "hiccup" and then quilt merrily along again and "hiccup". When it happened, I was sure it was a hook & timing issue, but I checked that and rechecked it and it was okay. So, I'm wondering if this was an issue with how the needle was positioned. I'm legally blind in my left eye and I try my very best to get the needles positioned so the eye is dead center. Some people say you should position the needle to look a bit to your right. What do you think? Is this a needle position issue? What do you think causes this kind of tension issue? I did have my stitch regulator on with So Fine #50 in top and bottom.
  2. Hi All, For those of you that are new to using a longarm and are struggling with tension, I posted a YouTube video on using the Towa gauge as a guideline to ease/understand tension problems . I hope this helps some newbies out there as my relationship with George certainly improved this past year when I started using a Towa . Best, Debbie
  3. Hi All, I have been merrily going along doing much better with adjusting to the larger size needles and tinkering with tension as a George newbie. I have discovered that the Fil-Tec magna glide bobbins work great . I found the bobbins that I wind myself may be a problem. They always look neat and tightly wound.(not wound uneven or sloppily). I will tweak my tension with whatever thread I am using - get it looking good- and the next thing you know it looks awful again. Maybe I stopped for the night and got up in the morning, removing the bobbin , cleaning and oiling before the start of the day, return the bobbin and wam! the tension looks horrible !! Today I went to the sewing Expo and talked with the APQS rep and she asked what I was winding my bobbins on. I told her that I was winding on the Simplicity bobbin winder that came with the purchase of my machine (I had a cheap side-winder from Joann's that's about the same quality)....She kind of winced and asked if I had a DMS that would wind the same size bobbin. It was obvious that she felt that this bobbin winder causes "inconsistent tension" (quote). I drove home thinking about this and think there is a great chance she is right. I don't know why APQS would sell a machine with a bobbin winder that could make consumers struggle with the performance of their machine. It would be better to charge $100 dollars more, but eliminate problems. Having said that- what do you all think is the best bobbin winder out there??? I feel I should be able to wind my own bobbins from time to time without going through this variable tension issues. (I noticed that the George at the show was using a Fil-Tec magnaglide too) thanks, Debbie
  4. I've read everything I can find about adjusting thread tension, watched Jamie Wallen's video, endless links, blogs, forums, and still my Mille, "Lula" was not giving me consistent quality stitches. She would go along for a row or two, then give me railroad tracks for 6 or 7 inches, then back to perfect tension again. I tried everything, changed needles, re-threaded, changed bobbin case, watched Jamie's video again & again, fiddled with different bobbins etc. I was discussing this issue with a fellow Millie owner who said she was having similar issues until she mentioned the tension problem to her boss who has been LAing for a gazillion years on an old Nolting machine. She said her boss asked to see the bobbin case and immediately tightened the tension. The tension was adjusted using the 2" drop method and my friend's Millie has been joyously stitching perfectly since then. I took my bobbin to said boss who tightened up my tension and I swear I saw 'Lula' smile when I put the bobbin case in and started quilting. She has never run a more beautiful stitch. Yesterday I loaded a customer top with W&N batting and a corduroy backer. I'll admit using corduroy worried me a bit but with a minor top tension adjustment, Lula was off and running perfectly. Jamie's method might work for many of you but don't be afraid to tighten the bobbin tension if things just aren't looking perfect -- just my 2 cents worth. Mary