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Found 4 results

  1. Back with a finished quilt...finally. I sure didn't quote high enough for this one. Every one is a learning experience when you're new at this. Client wanted all crosshatching. So that's what I did. I really wanted some feathers, etc. like you all suggested but she was pretty firm. In the middle of doing this my machine was down for a week while getting parts. I learned how to time her too! It took me hours and hours of ruler work, stopping and starting and burying threads at all the appliqués. Overall I think it looks good. She will pick up this week and I'm hoping she loves it. Lesson lea
  2. I often see post about needing design help. You ALL rock! Well, I thought I knew what I wanted to do and then maybe not... I wanted to stay away from an all over design, I do know that, for sure. I planned to SID around each pane and then something in each shape. Hmmm??? Does anyone have any suggestions. Hubby thinks I should just make cracks like in stained glass. I'm thinking more organic looking for some reason. Your input would be so appreciated! Oh, and since these photos, I have added one of the brown bali colors for a border. Thank you, in advance... fingers crossed.
  3. I am posting this for a fellow longarm quilter. She is stumped as to how to quilt it. She's had it for awhile. Initially when she received it she was told it was for the customer's nephew's wedding. He is in the National Guard. She had said she thought something military/patriotic as the fabric lends itself toward that. The patriotic design has her stumped. If you dont think patriotic we would love to see other suggestions. Any design ideas from you experts? Would love to see ideas. Thanks!
  4. A customer brought me a civil war quilt made of fabrics she bought on her trip back to Pennsylvania. The name of the pattern is LeMoyne House by Bonnie Blue Quilts. She has an idea about what she wanted in the blank squares -- feathered wreaths. I think I'm going to use my Circle Lord 4.40 inch micro feathers there. The other squares are paper-pieced and each 1/2 square triangle is 1 inch finished, so the piecing is rather small. My thoughts are to SID around the 6" paper-pieced Lemoynes to separate them from the feathered wreaths. Then SID around the inner first 1 inch of the pp block (th
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