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  1. Has anyone had this problem? I use self wound bobbins on my George (L size) and have never had a problem until recently. When I put in a fresh bobbin, pull up the bobbin thread, put my practice sandwich under to check on tension as I always have. When I press the white one stitch button to bring up the bobbin thread, I pull on the bobbin thread and it seems to feed fine. So I start stitching, and on the first or on the second stitch, the thread on top thread seems to get totally tight, (hard to move the thread through the top tension disks by hand) the machine seizes up, slows down the ability of the foot to go up or down. And if it sometimes manages to sew two or three stitches before doing this, then it happens- and I end up needing to pull/work out the sandwich from under the open toe ruler foot. THE THREAD USUALLY SHREDS- SOMETIMES THE TOP THREAD, SOMETIMES THE BOBBIN THREAD. Also there is usually a second strand of thread coming up through the stitch plate from the bobbin, when I do manage to work it loose. I cut the threads loose, and the top thread has shredded, and there is a birds nest on the bottom. So I climb under the table, pick out any stuck pieces of thread from the bobbin case, which there usually are. Then I reload the same wound bobbin, put in the bobbin case and try again. Same thing happens again. So I do all the same things, put the same bobbin back in a third time, without changing anything else, and it usually then stitches fine on the sample sandwich and I know I can put my quilt back under the foot and resume. I have cleaned and oiled the bobbin hook area. It did not used to do this. I used to be able to change threads frequently while working on a free motion project, and no problems changing back and forth. I'm at a loss to know what is causing this. The photo below is of the nest on the underside.
  2. I removed this and reposted under the correct section of the forum asking for technical help. I've had my George since 2015 and this is a new problem.
  3. I’ll be attending the quilt show in Hampton, VA next week, and would love to meet some George owners. Maybe we can pick a certain day to have lunch? I’ve had my George for about 3 years, but have not been particularly happy with it. I’m hoping that talking with some other owners will give ideas for better success with this machine. Many thanks, Heidi
  4. Gently used George Quilting Machine for sale with cabinet: $2700, pick up only in Southern Vermont. This machine has 20" of throat space, variable speed control, Interchangeable hopping feet including an open toe and closed toe standard and a high profile open toe ruler foot and closed toe high profile ruler foot. Included are 2 extra bobbin cases, bobbin springs and many bobbins, L size and a supply of needles. There is an attached goose neck light, Needle up, needle down needle positioner and a turbo bobbin winder included. It is 10 years old and I am the only owner and user. I haven't had any problems with it and it sews beautifully. I'm down sizing my sewing room and do only small art quilts now, so I've made the decision to part with George. If you have an interest, talk to me! Cabinet unfolds to 40" x 77" and folds down to 24" x 62". There is an in-between size if just the back is lifted of 40" x 62". Located in southern Vermont
  5. APQS George sit down longarm quilting machine with a custom table from Tracy's. list price total is $8000 plus over $600 extras, selling for $5900. 3 1/2 year old. perfect condition. George head with "L" bobbin, Tracy custom table (800 upgrade), bobbin winder, oiler, DVD, Manual. extras are 3 additional feet, extra bobbin case, 40+ extra bobbins, towa gauge, $100+ prewound bobbins. table size is 23x60 folded down, and 40x77 pplus 17x23 extension when folded up. call Nancy for information 989-750-7105. located in Midland, Michigan.
  6. My George needs a new, loving home. He is less than 3 years old, like new, L sized bobbin. Includes more than $500 in accessories and original George table (also $500). Located in Central Florida, will consider delivery. Specific items included: · George in original box · APQS George table · Additional George feet and accessory case · Bobbin winder · Instructional DVD and manual · 11 Bobbin cases (I purchased 10 additional so I wouldn’t have to change bobbin tension each time I changed thread) · 100+ bobbins, many with thread, 3 bobbin storage containers · 5 packages of needles · Oil · Happy memories All this can be yours for $5,500.
  7. APQS George sit down longarm quilting machine with a custom table from Tracy's. 3 1/2 year old. perfect condition. George head with "L" bobbin, Tracy custom table (800 upgrade), bobbin winder, oiler, DVD, Manual. table size is 23x60 folded down, and 40x77 pplus 17x23 extension when folded up,has 3 drawers and pull out board. Table is very nice and I was able to quilt a king size easily. call Nancy for information 989-750-7105. located in Midland, Michigan. price is $5600
  8. APQS George sit down longarm quilting machine with a custom table from Tracy's. 3 1/2 year old. perfect condition. George head with "L" bobbin, Tracy custom table (800 upgrade), bobbin winder, oiler, DVD, Manual. table size is 23x60 folded down, and 40x77 pplus 17x23 extension when folded up,has 3 drawers and pull out board. Table is very nice and I was able to quilt a king size easily. call Nancy for information 989-750-7105. located in Midland, Michigan. price is $5600
  9. I am searching for a used APQS George. I am located in Texas. I can drive to pickup or we can arrange shipping.
  10. This is the first quilt I've done on my brand new George sit-down machine. My daughter and I made the quilt for a customer, so I was a little nervous, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. I filled the center with a large allover Bear Claw design (learned from a blog post by "A Few Scraps"), then did a curved design in the border using a curved ruler by Accents In Design, in a design I learned from The Quilt Journal on YouTube. I used SewFine 50 thread in a bright turquoise on the top, and medium gray on the bottom. It was such a joy to quilt this on George! Such a step up from quilting on my domestic machine. Can't wait to start another quilt!
  11. My new George arrived a few days ago and I'm in love! I can't get over the difference between quilting on this workhorse as compared to my old domestic machine. The workspace is huge and the stitches are beautiful. And as promised, George is easy to operate. No computer screens. Just a tension dial, a motor speed dial, and a needle up/down button. There is definitely a different sound to George as compared to a domestic too. I'm used to very quiet machines, and George is a little loud. But he's a big machine with a big motor, so that makes sense. I've only got a few hours on him though, so I'm wondering if he will get a little quieter as he gets broke in. Has anyone else noticed this? Will it get quieter?
  12. Hi all, I have a George that is quilting well using Omni thread top and SoFine in the bobbin. I check the oil wicks each day I use it and oil as necessary, but for the past week there's been a persistent squeak/squeal from inside the machine at far right, above where the thread stand is. (It is not the thread stand vibrating--I've already found and solved that problem a few years ago:) I checked and oiled the bobbin area, thinking that would help, but it didn't. Does anyone have advice on how to fix this? Thanks in advance for any advice. Elizabeth in Michigan
  13. Check out my ad in the Machines for sale category.
  14. If you've been thinking about a mid-arm, sit-down quilting machine, nobody does it better than George! My 2008 George is just dreamy. This George is absolutely in mint condition, gently used, very well maintained, runs like a charm, and purrs like a kitten. My George also comes with loads of extra supplies and add-ons (including an LED light bar and dual spool holder), and that big "butterfly" table (see photo) to accommodate your very large quilting projects (when not in use, the table folds down so you can store it out of the way while you stitch your next quilt top). I'm serious when I say that this machine is better than new. George's size can be accommodated in just about any sewing room, and this machine has been a perfect companion in my smaller sewing space. Together we've produced several award-winning quilts. I'm asking $4,800 for this very well-trained "guy." Why am I selling? We are planning a move to another state soon and, with what I expect will be a much larger studio space, I'm planning to step up and finally get a long-arm machine on a frame. If you'd like to meet George in my Austin, Texas studio, please reply to this message. (Note, this is my first post on the message board, so I have no idea how this works!).
  15. Machine well maintained and in excellent shape. When I moved about 5 years ago from my studio in NJ to my now home in Florida the table was damaged slightly in the move, however it's strong and sturdy as ever. This is a great machine particularly for someone transitioning from quilting on a domestic. If you can quilt on your domestic you can quilt on George... with 20" of throat space it is a dream. I am located in SW Florida. Buyer responsible for shipping costs. Asking $3200. Includes: Wood table closed 23x60; fully extended 40x95 Turbo bobbin winder 4 bobbin cases Bobbins Needles Manual
  16. I'm posting this machine for sale for my friend Jackie. This machine was the first George. Dated around 2005. She is selling just the head and the plex table insert. She is keeping the cabinet. She is asking $700 for it non working, AS IS. You can use it as a trade-in and receive $1,400 as per Mark at APQS for a new machine or pay to have it fixed by APQS. It is located in Rapid City, SD. Make her an offer. She has another machine and did not want to trade it in to buy another. You can email Jackie at jackieclegg852@gmail.com if you are interested. Does no power up. JoAnn
  17. George needs a new home! I'm upgrading and need to find George a new place to live. I have had this machine for two years and have learned many things about free motion quilting and made a few dozen quilts. Included are George and his 24" X 60" adjustable height table, a Simplicity Sidewinder bobbin winder (only used twice), 11 bobbins and 1 extra bobbin case, a few dozen needles, 8 pre-wound bobbins, and the operation manual and much more advice and suggestions. Pick up preferred, but shipping is negotiable. $4,500.
  18. What could be causing this? It doesn't happen all the time, but it is happening frequently. The stitch quality is fine, and I have oiled every wick as well as the bobbin area. Thanks, Jill
  19. George is for sale and needs someone to spend more time with him. He was purchased from APQS in 2012. I have been doing a lot of heirloom quilting with my domestic and don't use George. REDUCED $5,000 obo INCLUDED: -Fully adjustable table -11 bobbins -4 bobbin cases -2 bobbin case springs -open toed foot which includes regular foot as well -(2) horizontal thread holders that install on top -Simplicity Side Bobbin winder portable (used 2 times) -original box to easily mail to you -Serviced in 2014, so it's good to go to you. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
  20. finally finished my King size Texas Lonestar. Quilted on my George.
  21. Good morning! I'm hoping to open a conversation about what George owners would like to see i.e. tutorials and how to information on that might be George specific? I noticed many mentions in older posts that there wasn't as much content and classes for the George machines as for the long arm machines. So, I'd like to hear from you! What would YOU like to see, know more about and learn on the George?
  22. I just got my George last week and we are getting along very well for the most part. Yesterday after punching multiple copies of a quilting design onto Golden Threads quilting paper and pinning it on to my quilt, I found that George completely rips the paper while it is sewing. No need to worry about taking it out afterwards! But too much of a mess I can barely see my sewn lines. I am using the default needle that came with the machine (4.0). Has anyone had better luck with quilting paper? Or could you recommend your favorite quilt marking tool (other than Pounce which I haven't had much luck with)? Liz
  23. I have a George Quilting Machine For Sale. Includes table also. Looking for $5,000. I am located about 45 min from St. Paul, MN in NW Wisc. Please contact me if interested. Thanks
  24. LOCATION: SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN / NEAR WINDSOR, ONTARIO I purchased this machine and cabinet in December 2010 for $7,900... I believe the higher price reflects the cabinet that is no longer offered (see pix). Before he arrived, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and although GEORGE was set up, he has NEVER been used. As you can see from pix, he is a true Silver Stud with his name emblazoned in Red. What a look! And the old-style cabinet (also new, of course) features four storage drawers of wood construction. Please know that--as a 2010 model--he does not accommodate the "M" bobbins (only "L"), nor can he deal with interchangeable feet without a retrofit. I am told that the retrofit is "no big deal," but I don't know enough about this subject to discuss it intelligently, so you'll have to do your due diligence on this site. Also, his original equipment includes a clip-on light that plugs into the machine, a bobbin winder, instruction book, and bobbins. I know that there are many "suitors" who prefer the "industrial look" of the pre-2011 GEORGE, as well as the substantial, old-style cabinet, which is more of a piece of furniture, but does not fold away. (This higher-end cabinet may account for the [higher] 2010 price of $7,900.) I am offering this never-used, late 2010 GEORGE at a firm price of $4000, local pick-up only.
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