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Found 6 results

  1. InesR

    Scissor holder

    Well, learned something new the other day. Video from APQS discussing the much miced scissor holder at the top of the machine. Wait, it isn't a scissor holder??? I' love be. New knowledge sure came in handy when a customer wanted a butterfly stitched..... Moved my laser and Bam, I am stitching a butterfly!!! Now if I can only find my scissors...lol
  2. Hi, My name is Pat. I live in Portland Maine. I am thinking about selling my APQS Discovery with table, supplies, patterns, batting, thread, and Circle Lord. I would like $6,500 for everything. I ran a business so this machine would be good for start up or just your own quilting. I maybe moving to Florida and can't take it with me. What I have in the CL is around $3,000 alone. I paid $6,500 for just the machine head without table. The Discovery is similar to the Lenni but no Stitch regulator 20" throat. It has all the other gizmos like needle up down, one stitch, Lazer, and is very light we
  3. I have purchased a used Lucey after enjoying and learning on my Ultimate I. This is a great way to find out if you want to be a long arm quilter for very little money. It has a 26" throat, 4 roller bars plus a batting bar and of course a laser pointer, all on a completely metal, no wood, l4' table. New M and M wheels and laser pointer. Located in Point Roberts, Washington, 98281. Please phone me at 604 484 9531 or email me through this site.
  4. I am interested in using my front laser light for echoing wavy lines to keep them consistent. I am not sure I can achieve that with it on top of the machine. Has anyone attached the light off to the side of the machine head or behind the needle to do this? If so, what is the best way to do this so it doesn't fall off or to minimize vibration of the light. Thanks ahead for any pros, cons or ideas before I attempt to try..... Angie
  5. I am using a pantograph for the first time on my Millie. I see there is a place to attach it on top, and what looks like at the rear right side, horizontally. I suppose the pantograph can only be loaded in back, but when I try to load it on that horizontal rod, it won't grip tightly and swings all over. How do I do this correctly?
  6. I purchased this 14' Millennium new in 2006. It has a hydraulic table lift, base expander for thread cutter, large base expander w/guides, microdrive, Hartley fence metal table, Hartley flywheel cover, stitch regulator, automatic needle positioner, single stitch button, laser light, power fabric advance w/foot pedal and built-in bobbin winder. I also have all the original instructions that came with the machine. I have not used this machine very much, and I believe I have not done more than 20 quilts on it. I purchased 100 bobbins with the machine and they will be included, as well as the
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