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Found 3 results

  1. I recently added the Leader Grips to my 2008 Millenium. Since then, I have had difficulty advancing the quilt even though I haven't changed anything about how I loaded my quilts/backing. It happens when I secure the quilt top or if I float the quilt. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on what I can do to resolve the issue? Thanks!
  2. Okay, so I've ordered my leader grips. From what I understand, they're not too hard to attach. I've actually found a couple of videos that look pretty helpful. What I haven't been able to find, though, are instructions on how to sew the casing sleeve (right term?) into the canvas to slip the dowel into. I'm sort of assuming that I can actually do this with my longarm machine, but I could sure use some advice on exactly how to do that. Thanks. Lori Empty Nest LAQ
  3. I bought a used Millie in April of 2013 did not like the way the edges of the Leader were not square and minimized the size of quilt I could put on my 12 ft frame the leaders at most were 110" of usable area SOOOO I decided to put new ones on. Now where to get canvas... hmmm ...... I went to my local fabric store they had canvas but not enough I wanted it to be as wide as my machine less about 5" for the machine to rest on the ends it was about $12.00 but they did not have enough. Then a good friend said go to the paint store they have painters canvas and it come in 12 to 20 foot widths so that is what I did. picked up a 8'x 12' painters canvas for 25.00 cut it in half then squared all the sides to start with cut the length to 131" ....ripped off the old canvas found the seam line on my front pipe and duct tapped it to the pipe rolled it up till the canvas leader was just touching the floor to make sure it was square...(yes it was) as I rolled the canvas on the front roller watched both ends to make sure they were straight ( yes they were) I am so excited I took a picture of the front roller with new canvas on it and the other rollers with the old crooked canvases on them see what I mean crooked. I added the channels for my leader grips and it looks great Now to put the back canvas leader on Easy Peasey Have a great day everybody