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Found 5 results

  1. If anyone has any 14 foot leader zippers laying around I would love to pay shipping to get them out of your way ,I am just a part time use quilter with not much time to quilt. Thank you! I have some very old and simple pantos taking up space that I will be sorting soon if there is any newbies or anyone else that might be interested,they are super simple elementary kinds, most came with my bundle used machine package years ago. It has been a long time since I have visited here ,its kind of addicting to me ,I miss all you wonderful and creative
  2. So when I first decided I was going to buy a Millennium, I started asking longarmers what I would definitely need. On an instruction video from Manquilter I saw them using leader grips. After talking to many folks, I bought a set of Red Snappers for my Malcolm, even though I hadn't even ordered a machine yet. They stood in the package over at the side of the room. Three months later, I had a Millie all set up and ready to play in my home. I could not quite figure out how to install the rods on my leads and I kept putting it off saying that pinning isn't that bad. Last week I quilted
  3. I would like to order zippered leaders for my 12 foot frame. Does anyone have a suggestion of where to order them from? I do not live near any place that sells them. I will need to order online. Thanks so much for any help!
  4. I have been an APQS member for over eight years, have had my Mille for at least seven, but am still a very inexperienced 'newbie.' I am just starting to use my Mille and decided to go with leader grips. I have only pinned about three practice pieces, but leader grips at this stage of my learning present one less procedure to perfect. I want to mark and stitch the casings on my leaders for the leader grips, but note that the leaders for all three rollers are not evenly wound and all three are a different distance (in inches) from the end(s) of the rollers bars. Should the leaders all be the
  5. Have any of you added centering measuring tapes to your leaders? I have the thought I might like to do that so I can mount my quilts not necessarily in the center of the frame but off to one side or the other and this would help with that. Have any of you done this? If so, how did you attach the tape to the leader. If you don't do this, how would you mount a quilt off center of the frame. The reason I ask is that I have add on equipment that takes up room at one side or the other of the quilt and I only have a 10 foot frame hench the need to mount off center. Hopefully someone out there has s
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