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Found 46 results

  1. APQS Longarm Lenni for sale. Has stitch regulator and a complete 10 foot table. I also have a partial 12 foot table. Many accessories included. Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  2. Hi All, It's time to sell my second long arm machine. I'm the 3rd owner for this machine. I bought it near the end of 2010 from a lady in Boyertown, PA. She bought it to use it for personal use off a lady who bought it new from APQS to start a business I believe which didn't happen. She sold it because it was too much for her and she needed the room. I know she told me she had it serviced by the PA APQS rep before selling it to me. . I had 2 or 3 people who took lessons on it with me, but then never rented time on it. So I have used it for some quilting while I had others on my large frame. It has been well maintained and used by me for maybe a few dozen quilts. I bought this machine as a second machine ( I have an older Milie) with the intention of starting a long arm rental business in a rented place. That never worked out in this area. I had 2 ladies take beginning lessons on the machine (where I was with them continually) but then never had anyone rent time on it. So I used it to work on quilts the few days I was at my store since I use my Millie for everything. After I closed my store in the fall of 2013, I set the machine up at home in case I got custom quilts that needed to stay on my larger frame for a time so that I could work on other quilts. I did use it a bit, but not enough to warrant keeping it (a dozen or so quilts at the most). It has always been in a place where it was heated and air conditioned. I maintained it and oiled it when used. The past year especially it has not been used as I have been dealing with breast cancer since the beginning of the year. now that I'm getting back to somewhat normal and starting to get back to work, I realized that it's better to sell this machine to someone else. You can look on the APQS website for the specs on the machine which is close to my machine. I know they changed the handle design. I know I have an original brochure and picture somewhere that I can take a picture of and send to you if you like. I did update the table and carriage system sometime in 2011. The current table is black with one piece rails and an IQ carriage system. I didn't want to spend $3,000 to upgrade to the Bliss table and system and this was a less expensive alternative. It runs smoother that the original table and I haven't had problems with it. When I closed my store and disassembled it, I set it up in my family room (first picture, machine on the left). I then took it down for space and later reset it back up in a spare room ( second picture). Then my son moved back in temporarily after college and down it came again. Now I don't want to reset it back up since I mainly use my large machine for the little quilting I still do. $6,000 Elysburg, PA FOR SALE APQS 2010 Lenni longarm quilting machine No, I AM NOT going out of business. This is my SECOND long arm machine. For those of you that remember my store, this is the machine I had set up there. It is just sitting, having taken it apart last May after being reset back up in my home. It's a shame because it is a wonderful, high quality machine for someone. It is on a 10 foot table and includes extras such as the base for doing ruler work, zippered leaders with extra sets for quilts, a new brake system, horizontal spool holder, micro drive handles, extra bobbin cases and bobbins. The pictures show the last quilt I quilted on this machine and the machine on the left when it was set up in another room. I'm asking $6,000 or best offer PICKUP ONLY. If you have any other questions or interest, please contact me through here or the following: 570-259-2008 (please leave a message as I get way too many junk calls any more) Thank you!
  3. I have a 2011 Lenni on a 10 ft bliss table for sale. $6800. She comes with the ergo handles(curved) as well as the upright ones. She has LED lights, manual and stitch regulated mode. She also comes with a stylus for grooved boards. I bought her brand new and she runs like a champ! I am including a free beginners class at my location. I am a certified dealer, educator and service tech. I am located in Jim Thorpe PA. You can also find me on the dealer locator page on the APQS website. This is for pick up only. Come and try her out! Call Lorraine at 267-255-3092 and please leave a message.
  4. Looking for a APQS Freedom, Lucey, or Lenni with a 10 ft. frame. Prefer Bliss frame.
  5. I am selling my 2009 APQS Lenni quilting machine! This is a great opportunity for any quilter interested in trying a longarm machine! What I am selling: The machine head (with stitch regulator) and 12’ table, a turbo bobbin winder, assorted needles, bobbins and clamps, maintenance and assembly manuals, a Hartley fence with user’s guide and video, spare fuses and brushes and some assorted pantographs. $4,300. Why am I selling the machine? This is the machine that introduced me to the world of machine quilting. I bought it used and therefore was able to ‘test the waters’ without making a huge investment. It is time for me to upgrade to a machine with a larger working area and auto advance. I am staying with APQS – their machines and customer service are exceptional. They have online videos that can walk you through any maintenance issues you have, and great telephone support staff. The machine I am selling is currently set up in my studio in Johnson, VT PM me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them! Marion
  6. Jane R

    2017 Lenni

    APQS 2017 Lenni - purchased in October. Very few quilting hours, 20” throat plate, Stitch Regulator LED Lighting, 12’ table with bliss track system Heavy duty locking castors for easy movement Bobbin winder, Compatible for Quilt Path $10,500 (firm) - Purchaser is responsible for take down, pickup, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs. A $12,100 value!!! Email
  7. I am selling my 2013 Lenni with Bliss system and 12 foot frame. This machine is white and is in excellent condition. $6000 If interested please email or text 931-231-9350 or call and leave a message on my vm and I will call you back.
  8. 2007 APQS Lenni on 10’ original frame. Includes manual, Gone Quilting DVD (Getting started with your new machine), Sidewinder bobbin winder, 18 bobbins, 2 packages needles, 5 spools of Essential Pro thread, 14 paper pantographs, 4 adjustable side tension clamps, and a set of Velcro detachable leaders. Moving across country and new home will not have a room for this machine so I would like to sell it prior to moving. $4600.00 Must be picked up in Greeneville, TN which is in Eastern Tennessee near Johnson City/Bristol/ Kingsport area.
  9. Will a ruler mate fit on a Lenny?
  10. Does anyone know if Lucey handles will work on Lenni? If so,do you know where they can be found? APQS doesn't have them for sale in the online store. Any info will be very helpful. Thank you!
  11. I am looking for a Hartley Base extender without the thread cutter. If you have one please email me at Thanks!
  12. • SOLD. • Located in Shepherdsville,KY • Will deliver locally • 2015 Lenni B02298ZS • 12 foot Bliss Table • L bobbin size • Interchangeable hopping foot – came with high profile platform foot • Turbo winder • M&M wheels • Bliss tracking system. • Stitch Regulator. • Contact information: Home: (502)-215-6740 Cell: (502)-523-8883
  13. One of our local quilt shop, YardWork is selling their Lenni with IQ on it. It’s a 2009 APQS Lenni, 20” throat on that machine with a 10 foot table, can go out to 108” on the shortest side of the quilt without the computer on it & appx 98” on the shortest side with the IQ on it. They've only had it about a year and have decided to go in a different direction. Before that it was my machine and not one that I used very often, so I would estimate that I put about 200 hours or less on it and the quilt shop probably hasn't put very many hours on it either, but you can ask Mary at YardWork about that. This machine has a custom lightbar on it that allows it to be placed anywhere and have good lighting, at least a $750 value. The IQ is a ClassiQ IQ which means it has all the bells and whistles. In addition to the patterns that come preloaded on it this IQ has appx $7500 worth of patterns that I designed on it. approximately 600 motif/block patterns & appx 240 pantograph (allover, edge to edge, & borders) patterns. I've attached a photo of the machine when it was in my studio. I'm just listing it to help the gals at the quilt shop out, so they should be contacted directly for more information. This is a machine that I'd actually buy back if I had room and I'm willing to answer questions on getting started with IQ for the new owner as I'm both an APQS & IQ dealer. Here's the contact information: Yard Work Quilt Shop - Mary Pomerening phone: 715-877-3885 Located in Fall Creek, WI (less than 10 miles east of Eau Claire) Email:
  14. My Lenni is a 2011, and while it has LED lights, there is no switch on them for blacklight. I managed to rig up a blacklight strip, but it only works well with white (not offwhite) thread. Is this normal or blacklight, r was it because I was using a ultraviolet led? Is there an upgrade for my Lenni, and if so, is it worth it to have the black light option? Sue in PA
  15. I am looking at a 2011 Lenni that has not been used for about a year. It has been oiled. Anything I should watch for before I fire it up, other than checking the oil and letting it warm up slowly?
  16. I'm planning to start a longarm quilting business in the next few months. Found a great dealer who sells both APQS and Intelliquilter. I'm planning to invest in Intelliquilter so I can jump right in with computerized E2E without the learning curve (as this is my first, and hopefully last longarm purchase!) and I know that from a business standpoint, larger frames and wider throats are best for computerized quilting because they allow you to quilt a larger area with each advance of the quilt. However, I know that I want to learn to quilt freehand as well, if only for myself, and it seems like the longarm quilters whose work I most admire are using smaller machine heads. When I demo'd the 26" Millenium and the 20" Lenni, I felt like I had much better control and better hand guided results with the smaller machine when I was quilting swirls, teardrops, pebbles, etc. I know I can take the 5 lb. thread cutter off the Millie and that will help, but I'm wondering whether the Millenium is too big and unwieldy to be an ideal hand guided machine. Or, will I develop that control over time through practice? Basically, my question is whether experienced quilters find the Millenium to be "too big" for hand guided or free-style quilting. I'm tall and I have long arms, so reach isn't an issue -- just noticed a big difference in my demo quilting on the two machines. On Lenni, I can already do a decent meander, but on Millie I couldn't keep those curves consistent. Both machines I demo'd had Bliss Track systems. Any suggestions or feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks! Rebecca Grace
  17. For Sale: APQS Lenni, 20" throat, 10' steel table. EdgeRider Wheels and Carriage (upgrade), commercial bobbin winder, LeaderGrips, extra pigtails and bobbin case, many empty bobbins, several cones of cotton thread (most partially used) and three pantographs to get you started. Located in SE PA, near the DE/MD border. You pick up or arrange packing/shipping. Asking $6,000. Please email dianekinney13 at gmail dot com if interested.
  18. Machine: APQS Lenni, 10 foot table with Bliss Location: Memphis, TN Price: $7,750 Contact: Sold!
  19. 2010 Lenni quilting machine - original owner. Simple. easy to use has been well cared for. Includes: 10 foot table, bobbins, pantographs, portable bobbin winder, needles, manuals/CDs. Get APQS quality at a very reasonable price of $6,700. Located in Maryland (Washington, DC area) a convenient pick-up location for anyone in the Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York ... Factory-trained professional available for set-up and service in the Washington D.C. area. Additional accessories: Hartley base extender, Horizontal dual spool holder, Towa bobbin case tension gauge , starter tools and spare parts. Prefer that you pick up the machine versus shipping. Buyer is responsible for pick-up. If you have any questions please contact me at . Photos available upon request.
  20. Ultimate II Longarm quilting Machine Great workhorse of a machine! Brand new motor, and newly cleaned and serviced. Works perfectly! Looking to upgrade, but I need to sell my machine first. It has been a wonderful machine, and a dream to quilt with. Table breaks down into two 5' sections. New Sheri Butler foot added to do ruler work. Great machine for just starting out! Purchaser is responsible for shipping/pickup. Thanks for looking! Located in California. Features: - 10' Lenni Stowaway table - 10 L bobbins - Hartley base extender - Straight ruler - Pantograph cover - Handles in front and back - Under handle light - 2 Pantographs - Sidewinder bobbin winder - Oiler - Instruction manual and DVD Asking $2500
  21. Well, it has been a week since we made the 18 hr drive to Des Moines and back home in one day. I knew the shine would come back on. ") Boy is it different! moving the machine versus moving fabric. It wasn't going so well last night. A lot of drag, thought of all of you guys and bravely turned the top tension (yes, I come from the generation when our mothers taught us to Never...Ever... mess with tension) and it helped some, still heavy to push/pull. Off the fabric he glides. Tired and went to bed. This morning thought I would give another try! Still dragging, loosened the brake, Bam, success! Learning curve, the brake was loose enough without sandwich/stitching, but with it must have been just enough to hold it up with my sandwich. Thanks to everyone out here who posts a problem and to those who answer. It gives us confidence to touch buttons and turn knobs ") Lenni is gliding!!
  22. Hello! Complete newbie here, although I've owned my Lenni for a year now. I've just had the BEST week ever, finally loading on 2 charity quilts, and then 2 of the 3 baby quilts I had waiting. I used 2 different pantographs to stitch them and I'm quite happy with the results. The 3rd baby quilt is for my own dear granddaughter, so I'd like to make the effort to have it look as nice as possible, but still only using a pantograph. The quilt is a large panel in the center with 4 borders around it of various sizes. The 3rd border is made up of 4" finished blocks. I've read that SID helps to make the quilting look more professional and even, regardless of whether is is pantograph or custom quilted. Do you agree? I did find that the borders on my 'test' quilts sort of looked a bit full or bunched up as I quilted. I floated the batting and top, basting as I advanced the quilt using marked edges to try and keep the width the same. If I do want to SID, do I do that for the entire quilt, top to bottom and then start over at the top again for the pantograph, or SID, baste, then quilt one section, then advance, then SID, baste, quilt the next section?? Do I SID to outline the borders only, or also between each of the squares in border #3? What about within the printed panel? There are some rectangle type shapes within the panel that could be outlined. Here is a url that shows what the panel looks like : Thank you in advance for any and all comments/advice! I'm going to go make binding for the other quilts while I wait for replies. Have a great day everyone! Sherry
  23. Hello Everyone! I have had my Lenni since August 2015, but due to a number of issues, was not really able to do much but set up my machine, and test to see if it worked. Then it sat... sadly, for almost a year. Recently, I was able to attend a beginner class (I'd already had a 'renter's class', but that was over a year ago) with the lady who sold me my Lenni (thanks Tracey Russel of Whirls 'n Swirls Quilting in Oshawa, ON Canada). I had been so afraid to do something detrimental to my machine that I wasn't confident to try... Tracey's class gave me the confidence to give myself permission to try to use the machine. After carefully going through cleaning procedures and running through some test fabric, I loaded on a quilt top for the charity that I support and the 'Bumpity' pantograph that Tracey gave me. Yay, all worked well. A few glitches, which Tracey's class covered so I was still OK, and then I loaded my second charity quilt with a different pantograph. OMGOSH, I am actually doing this, and I love it! Then I put on a baby quilt top that I've had waiting for over a year. Yay! another one done, and then another one! Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me throughout the process of selecting and buying a machine, and especially to Tracey, who, not only being an APQS dealer, is also an amazing teacher and author of her own FMQ books! Can't beat this APQS family. Love to all Sherry H, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Lenni Mom, August 2015
  24. 2011 Lenni on a Grace GMQ frame. Leaders, sidewinder bobbin winder, bobbins Located in Hamlin, WV Buyer responsible for shipping and pick up $5,000 Great machine! Upgrading. Contact
  25. Big day today. Left our house at 4 a.m. To pick up my new Lenni. Drove to Des Moines, (+8 hrs), loaded and drove back home (10:00 p.m) Needless to say after driving thru Chicago at 5:30 p.m. Lenni has lost a little of his shine, or maybe the decision to pick up has lost some shine.... Anyways, tomorrow when I get off my day job, Lenni will be here waiting to be unpacked. I am positive the glow will be back. Thought about just opening one box tonight, but one will lead to two will lead to three...and I have to go to work in the morning. Appreciate all the help I find here on the forum! I see how some are empowered packing gear boxes, filing burrs, changing fuses...... No way to fail with all the help. ")