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Found 40 results

  1. 2005 APQS MILLENNIUM FOR SALE with auto stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal and vertical locks, and laser pointer. 12 foot table with automatic fabric advance. Hartley base extender. Turbo Bobbin Winder. Several paper pantographs. 5 sets of Groovy Boards with stylus attachment. Zippered leaders Solid, well cared for machine. Used a lot for the first 6 years and then light personal use since then. Asking $5800. (Some photos show portions of Quilt Path cables which will be removed.)
  2. SOLD!!! Selling due to downsizing and health. If any question please feel free to ask. Accessories are Hartley clamp supports, and Hartley base Expander. Willing to talk price.
  3. 2005 APQS Millenium quilt machine for sale. This was my Mother's machine. She ran a quilting business in Manitoba and was an APQS dealer so it was always well maintained. I don't know a lot about it, but I know it has the additional leg risers (electric). She had sent the head in for some updates a few years ago. I have attached several pictures of the machine itself. I have all of the original paperwork in a binder, many boxes of patterns, maintenance videos, her course binders, etc. I also have her fabric and binding roller (3 level roller system) about 6 feet wide (not pictured.). The machine is located in Manitoba, but I am willing to deliver to Prairie Provinces or to Northern Prairie States (ND, SD, MN etc). We are asking $9000 USD.
  4. 2010 APQS Millennium Longarm Sewing Machine with lots of extras, $10,000 Barely used because of owner’s disabilities. Has almost all the advanced features except the APQS light rack. Paid $24,000 for this new, not including shipping & setup. Comes with: 12 foot hydraulic lift table on casters, Bliss track system, variable speed needle, stitch regulator, laser light stylus, motorized quilt advance system with foot pedal, vertical and horizontal channel locks, separate turbo bobbin winder, All manuals. Also comes with quite a few extras bought separately including: adjustable micro handles, acrylic base expander with acrylic straight line ruler, approximately 30 full spools of thread along with several partially used spools, 78 MR3.5 needles, set of acrylic circles from 1” to 12”s, & various other small items to go with the machine. You’re responsible for disassembling, pick up, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs. Manual with complete instructions available since I am unable to help, plus APQS has amazing online instructions. If you have a local APQS dealer near you, they will usually come & set up your machine for you for $500. Email Julie Daniels. Located in Riddle, Douglas County, Southern Oregon
  5. I have for sale a gently used 2003 APQS Millennium (26-inch throat) industrial long arm machine on a 12-foot table. I added the computer program system Quilt Path 3 years ago at a cost of $9,500 USD. Quilt Path is a very versatile program and comes with free upgrades and updates FOR LIFE to whoever owns it, even if you are a second owner of the software. It is great for blocks of any shape, borders, whole cloth quilts and pantographs plus many more options. There are tons of great support people for beginners for both the Millennium and the Quilt Path. The machine comes with a built-in stitch length regulator, channel locks, automatic thread cutter, manual, and much more. I have a motorized Quilt advance system worth every penny of the $1,000 USD I paid for it. I have taken good care of her and have never had any issues with it. The tension is easy to set, and I primarily use Glide thread and Glide magnetic bobbins. I have upgraded to the Bliss Rail system and table about 4 years ago ($3,000 USD) and all new M&M wheels and now it is as smooth as butter for great Free motion quilting. I have also upgraded the older Fluorescent light to a LED light with both white and black light which opened a wider visibility area tremendously. I also upgraded the original hopping foot to a removable ruler foot so if you are interested in acquiring new/different feet you can order them from APQS or a dealer that is close to you. The ruler base is included. (worth 140 USD new). There are several different feet you can choose from. I replaced the canvas leaders this last spring (2018) so they are nice and fresh. I have a leader grip style mounting system called Mondo clips. They are much more flexible and user friendly than the original Leader grips. They are easily removable if you have a project that you just need to quickly pin on. I have some rulers and Quilt Path Digital Designs if you would like to start off your library of designs other that the stock designs Quilt Path comes with. I will throw in a couple cones of thread to get you started. To buy brand new at today's prices would be about $30,000 USD. I have added a comparison chart below with the exchange rate from the APQS website. An APQS dealer has priced my machine at $20,000 CAD or $15,300 USD. I am open negotiationg offers if you are interested. Please email me Terry Forlin at with any questions you may have. I live in Fruitvale BC and you can come pick up or we can arrange for shipping which will be extra. Just for comparison, what a NEW machine and software with upgrades would be in US dollars and Canadian dollars . *These prices are before taxes and/or brokerage fees. Exchange rate: USD to CAD for the date of July 26, 2018, 1.30715 Millennium: $18,900.00 USD X 1.30715 = $24,705.16 CANADIAN Bliss System: 1,000.00 USD X 1.30715 = 1,306.82 CANADIAN Quilt Path Program: 9,500.00 USD X 1.30715 = 12,415.30 CANADIAN Motorized Quilt Advance: 1,350.00 USD X 1.30715 = 1,764.05 CANADIAN TOTALS NEW PACKAGE: $29,850.00 USD X 1.30715 = $40,191.33 CANADIAN
  6. Here are a couple I just finished recently from clients.
  7. Sold Selling my 2009 Millennium. Stitch regulator, auto advance. Regular maintenance. Turbo winder, Hartley Fence. Some pantos, thread, needles, bobbins and a few sets of groovy boards. Original manual and tools. Longarm zipper system.
  8. For sale: 2004 Millie that was completely refurbished in 2007; bliss rails, stitch regulator, channel locks. Millie is in excellent condition and has been lovingly cared for. Machine comes with pre-wound bobbins, external bobbin winder, micro quilting attachments, Marilyn Badger's circle attachment and other quilting accessories. The machine resides in Los Angeles; will work with buyer to make arrangements for delivery. $7,500.
  9. 2017 Millie with Quiltpath. Have been using prewound bobbins exclusively, mostly Magna Glide without any issues. Had never tried my Turbo winder. Got a client quilt where she wanted a variegated thread. I had a good one with Affinity by Fil-Tec. Then she decided to ask for matching thread in the bobbin. Well, Fil-Tec doesn't offer prewounds in that line that I can find. So I dug out my second bobbin case, and finally figured out how to use the Turbowinder. The bobbins looked like they wound properly. I used the aluminum ones and the same Affinity thread. Set up my machine to quilt. As usual, I tested the tensions on a sample. Ugh! Bobbin tension was bad. so started the routine to adjust it. Tightening the top only made it fractionally better, so I tried the bobbin case adjustments. Went a bit far and tightened it too much, but fixed that fast. Tightened the top several times until on the sample it looked ok. Started the panto. First pattern looked fine, so I continued. Shouldn't have. The rest of the row had wonky back tension and I'm going to have to rip it all out. The only different factor seems to be the aluminum bobbin. I don't have a TOWA gauge, but the "hold up" test was ok. Help! Pamela Sonoran Sky Quilting
  10. Financial hardship forces sale: This 2007 APQS Millenium machine on 10' deluxe table includes: On-demand Automatic Stitch Regulator two-stage needle position both on the front and on the rear handles Wide ruler base, several bobbins almost 100 needles, (bulk order,) electric foot pedal controlled motor to advance and reverse quilt, thread cutter, laser pointer system for using pantographs, vertical and horizontal locks, 4 tension cords with clamps and the owners manual and DVD, including set up instructions, Separate turbo bobbin winder, Edgerider wheels (also have original wheels,) Red Snappers installed and included, a few pantographs, two Longarm rulers, some spools of thread. This machine has been used only for personal use and I have quilted maybe a dozen quilts on it, I got it completely refurbished with a new 10 foot table from APQS in 2009. It has been cleaned and oiled regularly. I just put a new encoder wheel on it. This machine is running beautifully and has no issues. Purchaser is responsible for take-down, arrangement for shipping/transportation, reassembly and all associated costs. Local pick up is fine, too. I am about 45 minutes south of Raleigh, NC, and 45 minutes from Fayetteville, NC. Payment by certified check, please!
  11. Hi Everyone, My wife and I recently bought a used Millie (2004 vintage), and we're desperately in need of the user's manual/guide. We do not have the CD that came with the original purchase, nor do we have any hard copy of the manual. Does anyone know of a place to go to find old manuals/CDs for this machine? Thanks a bunch. Steve
  12. ¡hola! Sorry I don't speak Spanish but what follows is universal in a quilter's world! I sell my Millenium 2012, 12 500€, always well maintained. I want to invest in a new machine. The machine is available in the East of France. 12 foot Bliss table (3,60m) Bliss Track System Quilt Glide + brand new set of wheels Stitch regulator Black light Hartley base + ruler Pantograph 30 bobbins Needles size 3.45 and 4.0 20+ Thread cones Glide Printed manual We will help for disassembling. Buyer responsible for picking and shipping
  13. Hallo! Sorry For my poor German but I hope you will understand English. I sell my Millenium 2012, 12 500€, always well maintained. I want to invest in a new machine. The machine is available in France close to the German border. 12 foot Bliss table (3,60m) Bliss Track System Quilt Glide + brand new set of wheels Stitch regulator Black light Hartley base + ruler Pantograph 30 bobbins Needles size 3.45 and 4.0 20+ Thread cones Glide Printed manual We will help for disassembling. Buyer responsible for picking and shipping
  14. Purchased this machine a year ago from a long arm quilter who maintained the machine regularly. I have health issues and have not been able to use machine. 14 ft table stitch regulator automatic advance (with foot pedal) laser for pantographs vertical & horizontal channel lock thread cutter m&m wheels on carriage base extender New tension assembly installed before I purchased machine and new motor was installed three years ago. This machine was well taken care of. Any further questions text at 218-731-3198 I live near Underwood MN
  15. Near the end of a project. The pattern started to degrade. Turned everything off and tried on another spot. Still messed up. Finally my head wouldn't come all the way forward, so I started investigating, The back clamp lost a screw. It wobbles now and I suspect this is the problem. Millennium 2017, Bliss track, Quilt Path. Question, do I need to remove the head t fix this I suspect? And should I check for anything else? Pamela G. Tucson, AZ
  16. 2000 APQS Millenium For Sale - Excellent condition, 14 foot table, motorized quilt uptake, upgraded wheels with extra set of wheels for upgrade later, stitch regulator, bobbin winder, bobbin thread cutter, electric channel locks - horizontal and verticle, laser pointer, Hartley Fence and Base with circle guide. Ruler Mate base expander, horizontal dual thread holder. Many pantographs, thread, needles, bobbins and various other longarm quilting supples and books. Sewing head overhauled at APQS Headquarters. $10,000.00. Delivery in 500 mile radius of Northeastern Ohio, available. Moving out west to be with children and grandchildren, no room for longarm. Going to miss my Millie.
  17. I did order my Millie on the demo sale. it was supposed to be delivered today. I decided to call the freight company and found out they'd called my phone that is unavailable right now so put it on hold. Rats! I gave them the new number and it's now scheduled for tomorrow. I bet I find a lot of missed calls when I get that phone back from service !
  18. THIS HAS BEEN SOLD!! Gently used 2015 Millennium APQS Longarm Quilting Machine with QUILT PATH computerized quilting system $23,000 asking price (new pricing value on this same package is currently $32,000) Price includes: Millennium quilting machine Quilt Path computerized quilting software with Microsoft Surface 12 foot Universal Alloy Table Bliss Option Power Fabric Advance Quilt Glide Hartley Base Expander kit
  19. I am looking to buy a package deal on used Circle Lord boards and templates. I have a Millenium on standard wheels. If you are upgrading to a computerized system and would like to recoup some of your investment in Circle Lord equipment and groovy boards than I would love to make contact with you. I am also iso used quilting rulers, pantographs and quilting dvds such as those by Kimmy Brunner, Rene Haddadin, etc for a reasonable price. Please send me a pm through this forum. Thank you so much!
  20. 2009 Millenium for sale- well maintained, spa service and wheel upgrade in 2015, original owner. Includes: 12 foot table, power advance, hydraulic power table lift, mircrodrive, stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal dual spool holder, leader grips, zipper loading system, laser light. Will add in Turbo Bobbin Winder plus original manuals and DVD's. This machine is in great shape! and has been used for personal use and for a small quilt business. Original cost: $20,208.95. Asking $11,000. Located in southern Michigan near OHIO border.
  21. I am bringing home my first ever long arm machine on Tuesday, a 2013 dealer demo blissed Millenium on a 12' table. I am SO EXCITED! My APQS dealer is 2 hours away from me and I want to be able to jump in right away as soon as she's set up in my studio. What goodies should I buy while I'm in the shop? I know I want to learn to do ruler work, so I'll need the extended base. I do intricate appliqué on my own quilts and would like to be able to ditch around the appliqué with accuracy. Are the micro drive handles the best way to do that, or should I try one of the acrylic needle guide tools (sold by long arm ruler mfgs) instead? What thread should I start with? Any other gadgets or gizmos that would be helpful? Also, if I put her on casters, can I move her on carpet? I just want to give myself an extra couple feet behind the machine for pantos and be able to push her back to the wall when I'm working from the front or using my other machines. i'm hoping to add IQ or Quiltpath in the future, but first I want to get used to the machine, loading quilts, etc. Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. Rebecca Grace
  22. I'm planning to start a longarm quilting business in the next few months. Found a great dealer who sells both APQS and Intelliquilter. I'm planning to invest in Intelliquilter so I can jump right in with computerized E2E without the learning curve (as this is my first, and hopefully last longarm purchase!) and I know that from a business standpoint, larger frames and wider throats are best for computerized quilting because they allow you to quilt a larger area with each advance of the quilt. However, I know that I want to learn to quilt freehand as well, if only for myself, and it seems like the longarm quilters whose work I most admire are using smaller machine heads. When I demo'd the 26" Millenium and the 20" Lenni, I felt like I had much better control and better hand guided results with the smaller machine when I was quilting swirls, teardrops, pebbles, etc. I know I can take the 5 lb. thread cutter off the Millie and that will help, but I'm wondering whether the Millenium is too big and unwieldy to be an ideal hand guided machine. Or, will I develop that control over time through practice? Basically, my question is whether experienced quilters find the Millenium to be "too big" for hand guided or free-style quilting. I'm tall and I have long arms, so reach isn't an issue -- just noticed a big difference in my demo quilting on the two machines. On Lenni, I can already do a decent meander, but on Millie I couldn't keep those curves consistent. Both machines I demo'd had Bliss Track systems. Any suggestions or feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks! Rebecca Grace
  23. Due to a recent divorce and no room or storage for my APQS Millennium Machine, I need to sell ASAP. My machine was purchased new in 2006 and has maybe only had 20 quilts made on the machine. It also has the CompuQuilter attachment. The machine can be used free-style or you can use the Compu Quilter for perfectly executed patterns. Purchased new for $32,000. Will sell for $10,000 OBO. Machine is located in NW Iowa. Please contact me at Must sell immediately.
  24. I am selling my much loved APQS Millenium. Includes: hartly fence, asst rulers, templates, micro-handles, auto fabric feed, overhead lighting, 14 ft table, pantos, books and quilting stitch patterns galore. I've moved on to textile and clothing design and I just don't quilt like I used to. Machine has been well cared for and maintained. i have upgraded along the way including EZ rider wheels, the newer style channel locks and hopper bar. I paid $18,500 plus the various add-ons and library of quilting patterns and books. Asking $12,500 for everything. Machine is located in East Contra Costa Co, Bay Area, Northern, California Thank you, pix upon request