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Found 4 results

  1. Just sharing, my first "customer quilt". I haven't officially opened for business so to speak, but a member of my quilt guild asked me to quilt this for her. It was her very first quilt, a yellow brick road. It is MASSIVE! The largest quilt I've done - mostly backing as she gave me a good six inches additional on all sides. There were a few challenges (I think that's why she felt brave enough to send it to me to experiment on!) but I think it turned out really well! I did an edge to edge paisley design, something I'm very comfortable with as I did this often on quilts quilted on my dom
  2. I just wanted to share with like minded folks, I just opened my little business yesterday officially...though I took in one customer quilt this past week and she already has another lined up for me. I am only taking edge to edge right now being new, though it sounds like one lady wants custom...but I was thrilled to open my inbox this morning and find that FIVE more quilts are coming my way!!!!! YAY!!!!! I'M OFF TO A GREAT START!!! - Valerie
  3. I just finished this top - it's my fourth since getting my machine. I'm so excited! I can see such a huge improvement. Those feathers are still a struggle but these are worlds better and I think just forcing myself to do them even if they are ugly is the trick. I also need to plan where they start a little better. I'm getting there, thrilled to see the improvement! What would you do for your quilts - would you use a more blending thread for the feathers? I love the texture of this thread for the paisley but the feathers...ugh...would a different thread help? I used Isacord - I have two
  4. Well - I've finished three quilts now and I've had my long arm for six days! Lol* Quilt number two wasn't the best - but it really helped me gain control of my machine. I'm feeling much better and you can already see the improvement. I LOVE THIS!!!
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