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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all. I have a 2006 mili for sale. I live i n the great town of Spokane Washington. This breaks my heart my baby has to grow upband go to someone else. She has every thing a 2006 mili would have. I'm sorry nerver got biss. But i have a computer for her. It would be had to sell it separately since there was many revisions to the 12 ft. body. Also lights above positios moveabl. Lots of equipment. Not much the last few years due to illness. If your still reading thank you. I'm not able to tear it down thats the worse of the whole deal. Since the need is great negotiations is possible. Asking: $6000.00 with the computer it's goes to ,$12500.00. I bought her at 1100.00 the computer was
  2. My dad, siblings, and I want to buy my mom a quilting machine (she has wanted one for 30+ years). We already bought a frame and cruise control, and now need a compatible machine. So we are looking to buy one of the following quilting machines for my mother (used, but working): Elna 7100; Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter 1200; Janome 1600P (-DB, -DBX, -QC); or Pfaff 1200 Hobby Grand Quilter. Does anyone have one of these for sale or know where we can find one? Thanks for the help! (A machine near Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, or Washington would be preferable so that someone from my family could pick it up)
  3. Sold Selling my 2009 Millennium. Stitch regulator, auto advance. Regular maintenance. Turbo winder, Hartley Fence. Some pantos, thread, needles, bobbins and a few sets of groovy boards. Original manual and tools. Longarm zipper system.
  4. Question: Does anyone know the price of new magna glide delights bobbins? Here's the info: Trilobal polyester; Style L; 72 yds each; came 20 bobbins in a plastic jar ? I have 10 "jars" and will likely want to sell. Brand new, none ever used, been in the jars and in a cabinet. Never got around to trying them. Once I know the original cost, I can offer them at a very reasonable price. And will list all the colors when I have info re: original cost. Thanks, Lynn aka Quilt Mummo
  5. I have an Ultimate II for sale in NC. $1000. Wood table, excellent condition, will include panto's, bobbins, and the adapted foot for Ruler Work.
  6. 2009 APQS Millennium 12’ table Long-arm with Bliss upgrade has sold. Thank you.
  7. George is for sale and needs someone to spend more time with him. He was purchased from APQS in 2012. I have been doing a lot of heirloom quilting with my domestic and don't use George. REDUCED $5,000 obo INCLUDED: -Fully adjustable table -11 bobbins -4 bobbin cases -2 bobbin case springs -open toed foot which includes regular foot as well -(2) horizontal thread holders that install on top -Simplicity Side Bobbin winder portable (used 2 times) -original box to easily mail to you -Serviced in 2014, so it's good to go to you. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
  8. Babylock Tiara for Sale in Colonial Heights, VA Purchased new from All Brands Sewing Center in January, 2013 in Richmond, VA. Less than a dozen quilts have been quilted on the machine. Included in the sale are: · Bobbin Winder · Additional bobbin case for decorative threads · Open toe hopping foot as well as the original closed toe hopping foot. The table includes the special extension leaf and table overlay. Special LED lighting has been added to brighten the throat space. Call Evelyn Townsend at (804) 586-6919 or email I will deliver the machine to the buyer within a 50 mile radius of my home. Asking $3,200 for the machine. Please call if you have any questions and I can email the photos of the machine.
  9. FOR SALE Circle Lord for APQS Lenni with steel table. Design Templates available separately, or everything listed for $325.00. Circle Lord base with stylus, Squircles and fan blade (NEW $249.00) $125.00 Circle Thingy (NEW $139.00) $70.00 Aztec Mini (NEW $69.00) $35.00 Featherz (NEW $89.00) $45.00 Heartz (NEW $69.00) $35.00 Spiro-Thingy Set (NEW $99.00) $50.00 All instruction books included. I am moving and everything must go! Mary
  10. Freddie Longarm Quilter For Sale By Owner American manufacture based in the San Francisco bay area purchased machine thru Quilted Joy and had it set up by our local dealer/repair person in early 2014. Comes with BasiQ and the Bliss Track System. Manuals included. We have it crated and ready to ship. Purchased for $25K+ in 2014. Selling as-is for $18,500. OBO Please call Javier or Kayla with any inquiries 408-738-3959.
  11. 2009 Millennium with 12’ frame. Featuring automatic quilt advance with foot pedal, hydraulic table lift, stitch regulator, quilt guide, channel locks, LED lighting with black light, laser stylus, thread cutter, needle up/down, pantograph quilting from rear of machine. Includes hundreds of dollars worth of extras: Superior Brand thread, pre-wound bobbins, extra bobbin cases, stich-in-the-ditch rulers, Quick Zipper System on leaders for easy loading and unloading of quilts with extra sets. Buyer is responsible for packing & moving. Located in Denver/Aurora, CO area. Personal use only, in a non-smoking home. Making room for my growing teens. $10,500 per APQS.
  12. This Machine is now sold. The Long and Short of It (no pun intended) I got this millennium in 2005 and opened my business shortly afterward. This machine has served me well for 9 years. I’ve met some great quilters and great quilt teachers. I’d like to say I’ve quilted many beautiful quilts on it, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. (See my gallery at I’ve loved the creative and technical challenge of custom quilting on a hand-guided machine. But after 9 years, I was feeling like I was on the flat part of the learning curve, and also feeling like my machine deserved some professional servicing. But taking it off line for two weeks minimum and investing another $1500 for APQS to service it always stopped me. What happened? I learned that a friend of a friend wanted to get rid of her 2009 Millenium with Intellistitcher. Privacy and expediency were paramount. But such a deal! Well, how could I pass that up? Whatever its condition, I could sell one of the machines and service the other. And maybe I could learn Intellistitcher. At this price, I wouldn’t have to master it and use it all the time to justify its cost. My husband’s only concern was, “We don’t have room for two machines.” So I jumped. A friend with an SUV helped me transport for the promise of a very nice dinner. (I’m thinking Chez Panisse?) My husband helped me off-load my 2005 and on-load the 2009. Did I mention it has the Bliss Track System? Oh, and Automatic Lift and Automatic Quilt Advance System. It made it a challenge for Charlie and me to disassemble as I was unfamiliar with them. And Marcel (hubby) and I needed to offload the old rails and put on the new. Forget the lift and auto advance systems for now. Anyway, there I was with a new strange machine with a tablet thing on top sitting on my frame in my studio. It was new, it was different. There were no manuals for it. There were indications that the former owner had tension problems with it. (A towa gauge and top tension gauges were included, she later gave me a huge bag of prewound bobbins and the magic cone of thread that was “the key to the tension.”) It would run on when I paused. I sat on it for a long while. Was this new one really better? Do I really want to sell “old reliable?” Time passed while I fretted. I finally hunkered down and did a sampler quilt. I figured out the tension. I figured out the little switch that turns off the run-on quilting (didn’t you know, that’s a “feature!”) I did another customer quilt, a queen size. The Bliss Tracking System really is easy on the arms. I can quilt longer without noticing. Wow, this new machine is nice. But is that disloyal to “old faithful?” No, I decided. All the APQS machines are wonderful. And they all deserve to be put in use and not mothballed. So I was sharing with my “Zen Friend” my journey. Her response? Wow, good karma. Yes, and I’m honored to be the recipient of it. And I need to pass that karma on. First, by moving the dismantled machine out from behind the couch in my living room to honor Marcel (DH) and his incredible patience and support. (He hasn’t complained once, and now it’s like I don’t even see it there, but I think he does.) Second, by offering a really good deal to someone else. So here it is: her practically new leaders with zippers and measuring tapes galore go to the buyer. (Whatever smudges and pinholes I put in my leaders, I’m willing to keep.) Her feather light clamps go with the machine. (My pinning system learned from Dawn Cavanaugh works just fine for me.) Her Microdrive Handles, Hartley Base Expander with 2 guides, and Hartley Spool Holder are duplicates and go to the buyer. The Hydraulic Lift ($1500 value), and Automatic Quilt Advance System ($1350 value) are luxuries that I don’t need. But neither does the buyer. So I’m separating them out from the purchase price. Give me a good offer on them and they’re yours, with or without the machine. Here’s the skinny on the machine: It quilts like a dream, but after quilting a while, it sometimes stutters on stitch regulation in the horizontal direction. It doesn’t stitch a bad stitch, it just hesitates. So I stop quilting, go around to the back, jiggle the connections, check the wheels, and start up again, and it works just fine. I’ve talked to Amy, and have been told that a servicing will take care of that, give it new boards, and give a one-year warranty on it. That costs $1500. I would do it in advance of selling it, but then the new buyer wouldn’t have the warranty (it’s non-transferrable, I asked.) So I’ll credit the cost of getting it serviced. And now that I’ve sewn on the Bliss Rails, I highly recommend them. You can upgrade this machine to Bliss for $1000, so I’ll credit that, too. (You should have as nice a machine as I now have.) I’m not sure of the location or condition of the box to ship it back to Iowa for servicing, so I’ll credit the cost for them to ship a new box to you. That’s $100. I have a bunch of templates and books that I’ve outgrown, so I’ll include those. You can have the towa and top tension gauges, though I don’t think you’ll need them. You can even have that big bag of pre-wound bobbins. I don’t use them, but you might want to. APQS is selling this era machine for $8700. That brings my offer to $6100 ($8700-1500-1000-100). Hydraulic Lift optional at $750 OBO. If you have a truck or SUV, I will help you transport it and set it up. Either that or we can ask Charlie to transport again for the price of a nice dinner. (Who are we kidding, he’d rather have Giants tickets.) Now that I think of it, if you want to buy the Intelliquilter and the StiQ, I’ll give you a good deal on that as well. You have to do the research, though. I don’t have manuals and I don’t know how to set it up yet. Let’s say, $6000. No OBO as I might still get it in gear and learn it myself. Here’s the short of it: 2005 Millenium with 10 foot table*: $6100 Intelliquilter with StiQ: $6000 Hydraulic Lift: $750 OBO All available together or separately. *stitch regulator, automatic needle positioner, bobbin thread cutter, Smart bobbin (L), laser light, bobbin winder, power advance, Hartley base expander and two guides, Quick Zip leaders with spare zippers and measuring tapes attached, Hartley Micro-Drive, Hartley Spool Holder Call or write, Marty Provencher 408 396-0396
  13. With much thanks to our wonderful customers, Quilted Memories has moved 1 block south to 8015 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park, Ks! Our phone is the same- 913-649-2704. After the consolidation of the warehouse and shop I find myself a bit long in individual packaged batting. So... order packaged batting on the website and receive a 50% discount! ( Price will be adjusted when order is processed and actual shipping charges will apply) Some other news: I am now accepting pre-orders for MQS in Cedar Rapids, Ia. Please email for show pricing! All Domestic Website Orders $100+ receive Free Shipping !! ( unless otherwise stated- such as 50% off packaged batting above) Also, check out our new LOW thread prices! And...Hobbs roll and board batting! And so much more! Happy Spring to Everyone! ( positive thinking here :-) Lyn Heilman
  14. Must sell: 2008 Millennium / 2009 IQ (full version) - $18,500.00 / sold & going to Florida Just serviced last week. 10 ft table Bliss Hydraulic Lift Fabric Advance Thread cutter is included but was detached when IQ installed Bobbin Winder Lots of extras: misc. thread, pattern grid, towa gauge, micro-handles, 2 sets of zippers, lots and lots of needles, bobbins, box of parts (hook assembly, finger hook, 2 check springs) Manual & CD Also have a box of goodies valued at about $1800 new: rulers, stencils, threads, pre-wound bobbins, etc. Will sell for $900 or reasonable best offer. Only serious offers will be considered. Can provide a complete list and pictures. Meg Marshall 425-985-4088 Kent, WA (Seattle area) Buyer responsible for any and all costs for dis-assembly, packing and shipping.
  15. Digi-Tech Designs Paper, Digital Quilting, Craft, & Embroidery Designs Annual Independence Day Sale!! 25% or more off all designs July 1st - July 4th. Click here for new digital,paper, embroidery items. July Featured Themes & Designers Featured Categories: Patriotic & Military, along with Stars will be 30% off all month long and we're doing a special on Christmas in July keeping Christmas themed patterns at 25% off all month long during July. Many New Items 25-50% off. Check our our Dollar Deals category where 400+ patterns are $5 or less every day! Note the dates and times of this sale are based on U.S. central daylight time zone. If you live in a different time zone &/or country please adjust your dates and times accordingly. To access sale items directly: On the homepage for each section of our website you will see a notice of the Current Promotions. In that text the names of featured categories and featured designers, or other promotions will appear as a slightly different color, which is a direct link to that category. This means that you can go right to the items that you want to look at. For example: When you see Dollar Deals in the text on the homepage, it will be gray instead of black. Just click on the words Dollar Deals and you'll be taken directly to that category. This means that not only will you be able to find sale items quickly, you can go to just the sale items that you are interested in instead of looking through pages and pages of wonderful & enticing designs. While we wish that everyone had lots of time to look at everything we know that sometimes you just need to get to what you want, so that's why we've decided to link directly into those items. Please note that Dollar Deals for Paper can be accessed by clicking here and Embroidery Dollar Deals here. Thank you, Jessica & the Digi-Tech Team
  16. 2013 APQS Millennium, hardly used. Sold
  17. 2003 Millennium for Sale FEATURES Automatic Stitch Regulator Bobbin Thread Cutter Dual Electric Channel Lock for Both Directions Built In Laser Pointer On-Board Bobbin Winder Variable Needle Speed Dimensions: 12' long x 46" wide - adjustable height Motorized Fabric Advance Hartley Fence Training Videos Included Excellent Condition, Extremely Well Maintained! $8,000 Call Joan (717) 566-0746 or email - from Hershey, PA
  18. Don't miss out on this great sale at Intelligent Quilting. 20% off over 650 designs from 28 designers! Many new designers and new designs are included. Sale ends at midnight tonight, August 31, 2013. Browse around to see what's on sale, or go directly to this link: Also, don't miss all of the new designs added recently. You will find them here: Ready, Set, Go!
  19. Trying to sell this Kenquilt 622 machine. It is several years old but still works. Needs some routine maintenance but it has no major problems. It has a 12ft table. Asking price $1500, OBO. I can deliver it as well within a reasonable distance from my location (New Orleans,La) Any question please email me I've listed some pictures as well.
  20. I am selling a Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional. Asking for $950 + shipping unless you live near Cincinnati and are able to pick up. It is in excellent condition and comes with all the accessories such as all the feet, the knee lift and extension table. I treat my machines well and take good care of them. This is an excellent model and machine. It is basically a work horse. I have used it for piecing and applique. The automatic thread cutter is very convenient. I could not live without it! So is the knee lift. The bed space (9 inches) is among the largest available in similar machines. I have quilted upto King size quilts on this machine. Overall it is a great machine and you will absolutely love it. Please refer to the Janome website for additiona information: Contact me at paisley_sr at yahoo dot com.
  21. Since recently purchasing the IntellQuilter, I am selling my Circle Lord (for APQS Lenni), accessories, & templates. Sale: 12/22/2012 - Until Sold. I have the APQS Lenni. Shipping from Wisconsin. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Payment thru paypal. Please message on U2U or email me (Please put message topic as APQS interested buyer) at Items included for purchase: (include original pricing, not the final purchase price save almost $500.) Basic Unit - ($399 original price) Aztec (original price $99) Sprial ($79 original price) FanClam Template Queen 132" ($549 Original price) Rope - 3 section 105" ($349 original price) I do not have the instructional CD, just original instructional books come with this package. The total for this entire package $999. I have tried to reflect accurate original prices. Thank you for looking & you consideration. Mary Please contact me if pictures are required.