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Found 6 results

  1. So I have been very busy lately. If you follow me on FB or IG you will know the following. We moved both our stores together to one new location! We started Dec. 26 and opened Jan. 6, one week ahead of our self imposed opening day. We are very tired but it is a good tired! As you may remember my Longarm was in our classroom. Now I have my own space!!!!!! I am thrilled with my new space! Not only that we added Quilt Path to my 2009 Millennium and added a new Milli!!! I have a new assistant, Sabrina, who introduced herself here earlier today with the handle Fried Green Tomatoes. Sabrina will be helping me with all sorts of things as well as running Quilt Path. She is young, and catches on to computer stuff very fast. RoseCity Quilter New Studio by -RoseCity Quilter- My new Milli! 6B9B01ED-FE6B-4EDB-A098-DA18F61F07D7-172 by -RoseCity Quilter- Sabrina and her 1st Quilt Path quilt! RoseCity Quilter New Studio by -RoseCity Quilter- My new pressing station, 111" long! Lots more pictures on my latest blog: https://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/organizing-my-studio/
  2. Hello all, I relocated to Idaho and am in the process of building a home. I could not wait until a house was built to start quilting so I had a shed built. We finished the inside and this is now my very happy place. Jamie Bennett Quilts & Clay
  3. Looking to purchase an Accuquilt Studio or GO or both. If you have one and don't use it, please let me know. Units can be with or without dies... Thanks.
  4. Millie has been great, but we're getting ready to move, and I've checked the cost to move and it's astronomical. So I'm ready to get her into a new studio. She has stitch control and auto advance, thread cutter, on board bobbin winder. I'm adding design boards from Circle Lord and the Circle lord system. 14 ft rail system can quilt a bedspread! King Size. Great for charity work, home design studio, etc. From a non-smoking home, in climate controlled studio. 20+ patterns for edge to edge quilting. 3 boxes of threads and Books. Original manuals. GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT From APQS! Have invested $20k. Great price for business startup with all the extras. Prefer to sell as complete set up: Original price on machine was $17,500, each design board King Size, 3 boards to a set were $375 each, Several edge to edge paper patterns vary. Micro-stitch handles, Loricles Circle Lord Basics $379. and a couple more added over the years, NEVER USED! Maintained in non-smoking, climate controlled studio. I'm asking $11,000 for everything, and will include local delivery and set up. CERTIFIED BANK CHECK ONLY. If you want time to get a place ready, I will take a deposit. You can check me out, I'm not crazy or a Craigslist scammer. I want to make this a pleasant experience. as of 4/30/15 I have an offer of $8500 for the machine alone. PLEASE READ: UNLESS YOU ARE OFFERING TO BUY ALL THE CIRCLE LORD SYSTEM, INCLUDING BIG BOARDS, I DO NOT WANT TO START CANNIBALIZING THE SET UP. If I sell the machine only, I'm asking $9,000 with local pick up unless you want to arrange shipping (I do have all the crates for the rails and head).
  5. My prayer is answered. After dreaming & hoping, my DH & I signed the contract with Four Seasons to build my studio. 12 feet by 25 to house my Millenium & Longarm gizmos only. One of our bedrooms is still my fabric room & finished quilts storage. The cement was poured 2 weeks ago, the bamboo flooring were purchased yesterday & we are scheduled to be done by the 1st week of Dec. It is going to be attached to the back of the house, next to the patio facing the backyard overlooking my garden. No more customers coming inside our house.
  6. Hi all. So as I anxiously await my new Lucey (all paid up but no date yet), I'm working on getting my space all set. Can anyone tell me more specifics on the size and space around it needed? APQS lists the footprint at 5'x12; (getting a 12' frame). I've heard 2 ft all around. Do I really need access/space to move at both ends? Can one be near a wall and the other be where I walk around? 2ft seems small to actually stand in, is that really just talking about clearance for the machine moving back? Do I need to plan much more than that? and while we're at it, what's the maximum quilt size you've done on a 12ft frame? Thanks so much! Jess
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